Astrology for You

Savannah has studied Medieval Astrology by Robert Zoller amongst others, and since 2010, has developed her own system and teachings for an easy overview and understanding of astrology on even advanced levels which are still under development in line with the fast and powerful transformation of the planets, which indeed affects our consciousness and life on Earth.

"Man, know thyself", now knocks on the door for most people, for knowing one self inside and out is now crucial for being free from pain, suffering, breakdown, broken economy, manipulation, etc. and truly released and live ones true purpose where the heart sings and the light/protection is self-written - please believe me when I say it's possible, but of course you shall experience it yourself. Nearly EVERYTHING can be read in your blueprint, which is your birth chart. It is not pulled down over your head as a plan you can/should live by, but quite the opposite - it frees you - order an astrological guidance, your birth chart (handmade) and keep yourself updated by the monthly newsletter.

Briefly on what the astrology can tell you?

As - The Ascendant tells you about your primary motivation in this life, greatest fear, greatest need, your behavior, the impression you give the world, your body, style and manners

The Sun tells you where your greatest support comes from and is the key to your full self-expression

The Moon tells your mouth what to say and your mind what to think and is the key to your emotional satisfaction

Mars is your power of action and influence and controls your self-worth and is the key to your personal self-assertiveness

Mercury teaches you discernment between lies and truth, and is the key to rewarding communication

Jupiter brings you wisdom to free yourself from limitation, guilt and shame, and is the key to social opportunities and rewards

Venus teaches you how to anchor your will in the world, earn money, relate and enjoy life, and is the key to love and a strong self-worth

Saturn teaches you about your karma, fear, boundaries, discipline, structure and time management, and is the key to gaining public recognition

Uranus teaches you how you separate yourself and look for independence and is the key to the feeling of being alive

Neptune teaches you where and how you express your imagination and where you may have the tendency to deceive others and yourself and is the key to emotional ecstasy

Pluto teaches you about death, sexuality and transformation, and is the key to fearlessness and empowerment

Moons North Node are the lessons you will learn in this life

Moons South Node shows what you are responsible for sharing with others or the world in this life

Additionally, you will see your big turning points in this life, strengths, weaknesses, longings, relationships, children, career, finances, home, education, physical strengths/weaknesses, known/hidden enemies, friends, etc.

Overview of the meaning of the 12. Houses!

  1. Self, life, body, skill/talent or wit.
  2. Possessions, money (moveable assets), material circumstances, livelihood.
  3. Siblings, neighbors, school, local movement, short journeys (1-2 days in length), cars, daily commuting, immediate environment, communication and early education/ability to learn as well as the here and now.
  4. Home, family, roots, foundation, fathers ancestral line, hidden treasures, real estate, property (immoveable assets), soul incarnation (beginning and end of life).
  5. Creativity, children, romance, entertainment, first born child, inner child, art, music, fashion, joy of life/pleasure, lovers, speculation, risk/investment, moderately long journeys (2-5 days in length), donations, publishing.
  6. Daily routine, work, health, service, sickness, healing, small pets, co-workers, nutrition, how you nurture yourself, that which enslaves you on a daily basis, concern with daily maintenance of your physical body.
  7. Partners (legal), marriage, other people generally, your allies, second child, grandparents and those, you consider as your “open enemies,” litigation, contentions
  8. Sex, death, inheritances, other people’s money, loss, fear, allies of open enemies, banks, insurance, tax, occult studies, blind spot, dig things up from the past and dumped, shed all not serving your authentic self.
  9. God, religion, things of higher mind, higher education/learning/knowledge, philosophy, wisdom, spirituality, ethic, foreigners, long distance travel (more than 5 days), foreign countries, import/export, court, lawyers, your partners siblings, your third child, professors, teachers, highly educated individuals, your philosophies and relationship to God/Spirit, nightly dreams, scripture, books, letters, legates, future, mostly ending with – ology (astrology for example).
  10. Career, your business, your actions, higher destiny, mastery, manifestation, bosses, dominant parent, mothers ancestral line, reputation, fame & claim, recognition, social status and worldly position.
  11. Friendships, associations, aspirations, groups, organizations, socialization, your fourth child, hopes, daydreams, wishes, faith, good fortune.
  12. Ill luck, hidden enemies (inner and outer), hidden matters, that which imprisons you and become your undoing, clandestine relationships, secret enemies, seclusion, jails, hospitals, governmental institutions, secrets, sorrow, sadness, depression, anxiety, worry, addiction, abandonment, subconscious, unconscious, self sabotage, serious illness, injuries, suicide, bad demons, large wild animals, resolve & finalization.

Overview of the meaning of aspects!

Conjunction (0 deg.): fight, union, cooperation or suppression

Sexstile (60 deg.): loving union of the two, innate inner peace, that which combined med common effort results in lucky and material success in the external world

Square (90 deg.): fight, inner conflict, intensifying and exaggeration

Trine (120 deg.): perfect friendship, ease, harmony and luck, natural cooperation

Opposition (180 deg.): fight in relation, blockage, aversion against, denial, attempt of distancing

Aspects shown by the lines in the center!

Golden rule is 5 degrees. Example: 5 degrees from Venus at 12 degrees is conjunct Venus.







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