Omahara – Heaven on Earth

Level 1

Powerful tools for Ascension!

Online teachings: Ask Savannah for dates

7 full days (in 2 modules) from 7am-2pm PDT (9 hours behind CEST - Denmark 4pm-10pm)

It's definitely now that you need to get your entire DNA & Light Body activated to have all the necessary tools at your fingertips to go forward into the 5th dimension of pure love and stay there as a fully activated master of higher consciousness living and learning.
You are recognized by your frequency, especially in the higher dimensions. Know that your inherent frequency of light attracts the equal but opposite of darkness - it is inevitable, but with knowledge you master it. A master of light has mastered his equal but opposite of darkness. On true ascension, therefore, you will always face the challenge of darkness.
There is only one way - forward and upward, and this is accomplished by going inward. It is the path of Dharma you are intended to walk in this incarnation, so if you hold back to avoid the constant attacks of darkness, then you simply push your purpose ahead of you and the suffering can be magnified.

Living God Creator has called me into service, as a Melchizedek Master (God's version). I became facilitator with Alton Kamadon, AUS in 2002. Now once again I share these paramount tools for spiritual ascension to save body, mind and soul.

Read the SELFSTUDY and if it resonates in you - you have heard the call too!

There is a taste of meditation / DNA-activation HERE!

Omahara gives you the tools to self-heal and constantly raise your frequency with a daily DNA activation as meditation.


  • Understand and activate your light body up to 33. degree / Light Body Layer
  • Gaia/Adonai Sanctuary Temple and Ascension Portal
  • Unity Consciousness Matrix
  • Living Infinity Master Creative Symbol and activation of Grail Codes and Twin Flame Love
  • Sacred Ankh-Heart Initiation
  • Akashic Records
  • The Pleiades Initiation
  • Mysteries of Egypt
  • 5D Orion-Heart Initiation
  • The Wisdom of the Qabbalah
  • Teleportation
  • Levitation
  • Body without age - mind without time - eternal life
  • Psychometry
  • Multiple Light Body Experience
  • Visit the Galactic Council
  • Kodoish Initiation - the experience of 12D
  • Universal Healing
  • Omahara Master Healing
  • New Earth Star Gaia and timeline dedication

US930 incl. detailed manual by mail and all activations on mp3 as well as certification so you can teach others yourself.

Selfstudy a MUST READ before start of activations, because we move on immediately from there!

Teacher: Savannah

Registration/Contact: - paypal.

Attention! If you are jabbed, please contact Savannah for further information.

Students who wish to participate again are warmly welcome for only US33 per day.