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Owen James; Medical Intuitive – www.medicalintuitive.ca

Owen James is a Medical Intuitive who sees a you in the wholeness of your being- physical, mental, emotional  and spiritual in order to find out what is keeping you from living a happy, healthy, fulfilled life. He thoroughly looks into the vibrations of all the organs, the endocrine system, blood&cells, chakras, the life vibration of the physical body and the will to live, searches for the energetic attachments which do not belong. Explores the reasons  which cause certain parts of the body to dysfunction, on many different levels including eating habits, life style, relation with self, with family and other people, current life and past life stories, karma of the lineage. A lot of energetic and emotional clearing is carried out during a session  while  offering  many self healing tools  and you find guidance in many aspects to be able to reach a higher potential of yourself.

Owen James continues to offer  Medical Intuitive sessions both one to one and online for his many clients all over the world;  based on his 50 years of experience on  psychotheraphy, past life regression, Rolfing, homeopathy, naturopathy, acapuncture and Chinese medicine, combining the modalities of the east and west. He's drawn inspiration from many teachings in time which include;

  • Rolfing-Structural Integration / Dr Ida Rolf
  • Gestalt Theraphy / Dr Frederick Perls, Esalen Institute
  • Psychic Healing / Dr Lawrence Le Shan
  • Natural Healing Sciences / Luther Rice College
  • Cranial Sacral Theraphy / The Upledger Institute
  • Acapuncture / College of Chinese Acapuncture (UK)
  • Chinese Tradional Medicine / CTM Institute, Toronto
  • Past Life Training / Dr Roger Woolger
  • Shamanic Training / Master Shaman Don Agustin Revis Vasquez, Peru
  • Joseph Rael (Beautiful Painted Arrow), Indan elder, New Mexico

Owen lives in Toronto where he had established one of the 55 Peace Sound Chambers in the world, he holds works and workshops teaching the ways to opening  the heart and finding forgiveness  while sharing his deep knowledge and understanding on living a life of kindness and compassion.

Please note contribution for a 1 ½ hour session is 200 EURO

Owen offer one-to-one sessions while in Denmark at Savannah's Treat for the Heart Opening Work (Aya Ceremony), which is the 20st-22nd of October 2023, and sessions the 18th & 19th of October 2023. Payment in EURO at arrival - also if you don't show up!

For booking a session, please contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com

Owens wife Yesim also offers
- Hypnosis/energy healing sessions for 90 EURO
Hair sample microscopy (reply when they are back in Canada) for 190 EURO. See more HERE
Numerology crystal bracelets (demand preorder) - Look HERE