Thought-Mind Clearing

This is an excerpt of Omahara Level 1. If you want more - go to this FREE Self-study. If it resonates the way is Omahara Level 1!

Living Matter-Muon Crystal Light Cell thought-mind clearing is continuously the utmost important focused meditation and MUST be practiced on daily basis for you to have any chance to reach the enlightenment. Through regular practice the Divine flow will maintain itself.

It is a true cleansing of all discordant thought-forms, patterns and emotions from all levels and areas of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual body and in all time frames and dimensions.

It is a purification of body, mind (speech) and soul. It is a release of all negative energies and karma ever made.

Create a constant flow of this thought-mind clearing together with hand position (look below) and breathing of SO-HUM

Matter is wave patterns that move faster than light. Muons are the name of the light particles free falling through dimensions from the Source.

The Matter-Muon Crystal Light Cells are sacred geometry in the form of icosa-dodecahedrons changing into Photon Spectrum Molecules, Meta-Galactic Zona-Crystal Light Cells, Ultra-Light Hexa-Crystal Light Cells and then Akashic Aumni-Light Aetheron Crystal Light Cells.

To understand how important these Crystal Light Cell forms are and what their purposes are, you must know the following. It is the pure awareness about them that will make it happen for you. That is important to understand. Those who do not know about their presence will not benefit from them.

Quantum Mechanics tells us that any atom or molecule will emit photons (packets of light) at a particular set of frequencies under a particular set of conditions. Any one of these special frequencies is called a “transition”, and the frequency (or wavelength) where this transition can be observed is predictable from Quantum Mechanics.

We can experience the intensity of the photon flux at different frequencies. When humans view optical light, these different “frequencies” correspond to different perceived colors. When an atom or molecule is moving it emits a photon, the frequency of that photon will be changed by an amount proportional to the atom or molecule’s velocity with respect to the observer. This means that we individually can only receive what we perceive depending on our frequency level.

Sit comfortably with your hands in heart mudra. Fold your hands naturally, let your forefingers cross pointing towards your body with the tips pressed together and let your thumb tips be pressed together too. You have now created a heart of unconditional love.

The left forefinger represents the pituitary gland and right side of your brain. The right forefinger represents the pineal gland and left side of your brain.

The thumbs represent male/female, yin/yang, and right/left side of body. Feel the balance!


Meditation start: Sit comfortably with your hands in Heart Mudra, keep your back straight, jaws relaxed, mouth slightly open, and head slightly tilted forward throughout the meditation. The eyes will typically be closed.

Start by allowing a flow of golden light to flow through your crown chakra, through the pineal, pituitary and out at the bridge of your nose (3. eye). Now create a continuous stream of holomatrixes in which the Crystal Light cells are retained in the flow through your brain.

When you feel your thought-form cleaner with the light cell crystals flowing automatically, you follow the breath with SO on in-breathe and HUM on out-breathe.

Once you have achieved a pleasant stillness of mind with the above tools, you can start by singing your chosen mantra and otherwise meditate on the image or other focus chosen by you.

You will now to that extent strengthen yourself and your entire process to enlightened state.