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Your voice is unique in the universe - for there is no other like it. Your voice is your soul's expression and reveals how you feel physically, emotionally, mentally, spiritually and even your potential future. It uses your soul's own tones to stimulate your body and soul's self-healing powers - quickly, efficiently, with ease and grace! So it is your own sound healing yourself. We analyze your voice sample using a very sophisticated program, developed by Robert Lloy (scientist and inventor of the Scalar IQube Technology and high frequency waters) that divides your sound into millions of segments, which creates a very specific set of frequencies - your souls own tones - where you are to hum along on the first 3 tones that will get your soul to reason and open for healing. Then relax and listen just to the rest of the tones. It is recommended to lie down under the sound session. There is 10 seconds pause between each new sound frequency.

The sound frequencies balances the Alpha, Beta, Theta and Delta brain waves, right and left brain, chakras, glands and organs and all the essential salts in groups of two, which is not only essential for the body's health and balance, but also emotional and consciousness development. The growth of dendrites in the brain is increased, as well as the neuroplasticity. The audio file takes approximately 24 min. and it is recommended to listen to it 1 time daily, lovely to sleep on. However, there is no limit. Can also be played on repeat during the night and just switched off if it becomes too much. It is recommended to use headphones and secondarily good speakers with great MHz width. It's good to get a new set of soul tones each time the season changes (i.e. every 3 months).

If you are seriously ill, a new audio file is recommended every 14 days. After the third set of soul tones, then try for yourself to discern how well you now feel. If you suffer from a low vibrational level, the tones may be annoying to begin with. However, it is extremely advisable to continue to listen to them. They will usually change to a tolerable level within just 3-5 times.

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Like the human finger print, no two human voices are identical.

In essence, we are individual symphonies of sound. The five octave display demonstrates this accurately.



Your Voice Code is easily measurable by our proprietary algorithm that measures 1.5 billion bits of information which detects these nuances from the frequency patterns of your voice.




We then create a customized sound therapy audio track from our cloud and deliver it to your inbox.






This soundtrack acts as your customized tuning fork to support you to get back into the flow of clarity, creativity, and harmony.





Your voice is themost direct way to find your stress and hack your reality.




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