Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol – DNA-activation

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The Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol
and activation of the Grail Codes and Twin Flame Love

This symbol has many extremely powerful purposes which is why it is called the Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol.

Visualize yourself within this symbol or visualize this symbol around you, so you are the center of this 6-pointed Infinity Star. It is the Symbol of the new Christ Energy (cross), Heaven on Earth, The Holy Grail and Twin Flame Love. The Symbol is carrying the power for downloading and integration of the Grail Codes. It will propel you forward and upward (formed as a propeller) into the pure white-golden light from inside out.

Description of the Symbol:

Balancing the 5 Elements represented in the arches of Earth (below), Fire (right), Air (above), Water (left), and Ether (in the center).

Alpha – Omega – One-Heart Chakra System connected to the Alpha Chakra (above) and the Omega Chakra (below) and held together in unity in the heart.

Balancing Feminine/Masculine represented in the arches of Feminine (left) and Masculine (right)

3D (in front of you) and 5D and above (behind you), represented in the horizontal arches in front of and behind you (but not shown on the illustration) with the center in your heart, constantly dissolving all dimensional veils, enabling you to see the truth through the illusions and adapting all your parallel selves with you in clear light.

The Infinity Symbols vertical and horizontal have a bi-directional flow of liquid light in the color gold, which constantly nourishes and activates the whole process and transformation of the heart into a so called Heart of Gold.

12-strands infinity Super-DNA – 12x12 = 144 – infinity is now constantly being activated by the continuous flow through the heart.

The Holomatrix of Love in pure white-golden light in the center of your heart is the core which is holding it all together. This Holomatrix represents the master creativity in releasing and adding energy according to your needs. It will spin in both directions at Living Aumni-Light speed, so fast that it looks like a galaxy. By using your thought-intention you spin the holomatrix counterclockwise releasing all issues, blockages, discordant emotions, etc. from all previous lifetimes, timeframes and dimensions from your entire being. You simply cleanse and clear all the windows of your holomatrix so that new possibilities can appear and be manifested. After the release you command the holomatrix to spin clockwise and now fill up your entire being with the purest light and love from Source which will be your new reality. Basically, you release fear and add love instead. First you will release and heal yourself through your heart from behind, and when that is completed, you will start releasing and healing all others. And this will happen automatically. This can be experienced as a heart expansion, heart palpation and strong beating or a kind of “bubbling”. There is nothing to fear. It is indeed Divine and a very precious gift from Heaven to you and the Earth, which came to Earth at the beginning of 2008 and has increased in power ever since. And why does this happen through your heart from behind? As explained under Time-Space Continuum you may remember that the higher dimensions are coming from behind and through you dissolving the lower dimensional worlds, which is the only place where illness and other issues can reside.

There are 12 soul groups connected to the Earth. In each soul group there is a master who is now fully activated to pass on this exquisite key of release and healing to the rest of humanity.  First of all, this Master releases and heals him/her self and then afterwards the journey goes via the Divine Plan to the full release and the healing of 12 other Masters of his/her own soul group, who then also are fully activated with this key. Then, they continue with their self-release and healing, and once they have done that, release and heal 12 others, etc. It is a divine pyramid effect. And this is spreading like wildfire. This gift from God Source is created for the full release and healing of humanity so that Heaven can manifest on Earth. And when you have fully released, healed, and activated 12 other Masters of your own soul group you automatically attain full enlightenment and become the Source yourself physically present on Earth, if that is your wish and plan after all. It is an extra gift from God for stepping into this service for yourself and humanity. The greatest gift served with the least effort.

By activating the Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol (all of it) you bring the 5 elements (earth, fire, air, water and ether) into balance. You activate the Alpha – Omega – One-Heart Chakra System once again. You receive and activate the Grail Codes and you activate and bring the Feminine/Masculine and Twin Flame Love into balance. You bring all aspect of your Self from other timelines into fusion with you in the light, as it is imperative for your strength of light, that you become one Self, so you can match your equal but opposite of the dark in this world of duality, and the light always wins. Furthermore, you activate the Holomatrix of Love in pure white-golden light to begin automatically releasing and healing everything which does not serve your highest good any longer and add all that you need to reach enlightenment at high speed and with ease and grace.

The Holy Grail

In 2007 we got bombarded with energies from Source enabling us to receive the Infinity Codes. In 2008 the “trend” was the Grail Codes, similar to the Moses Codes, and in 2009 it was the Paradise Codes, and so on and so forth. In 2011 and 2012 we ran into the Crystalline Codes and Star Code Tablets, etc. in creation of the Now Timeline. But to enable yourself to benefit from any of those present and so-called future powerful and precious codes you have to open your heart and your mind to a certain level of consciousness to be able to receive these new Codes of Completion. And that is the Key, here represented as the Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol.

The Holy Grail is you and has always been you. It is nothing outside of you. You are the grail and for each time you combine your knowledge with an experience and come to a new understanding of life itself you automatically lift your consciousness and frequency level. You simply realize yourself and you have taken one more step towards the completion of your self-mastery. That is experiencing God in all aspects. When you have experienced and understood it all you are fully enlightened. This is Divine. This is the Holy Grail.  

You can visualize yourself as the grail in the shape of a cup (also seen in Tarot) where a new name of God is being engraved every time a Divine lesson has been learned because you have recognized, accepted, and integrated this new teaching, this new aspect of God. Each time you do this you get a name engraved on your cup, a Key Code, which is attained by integration. More knowledge has then been combined with experience, understood, and integrated, and you have attained more wisdom. This wisdom is filling up your cup with the new Christ blood, where the name of that wisdom is imprinted as an encoding on the outside of the cup. When all lessons are integrated and all names of God are engraved, the cup is full.

The whole process is indeed divine. That is the receiving of the Holy Grail.

Through visualization and activation, you receive the codes that will trigger your DNA to yet another quantum leap in consciousness and the secret about the famous Holy Grail will be revealed to you, within you. That is the receiving of the Grail Codes. You become the new Christ Being, and a completely new blood type, so to speak. You will be amongst the new type of humans that will be on the new Earth Star Gaia of the 5th dimension and beyond.

The Twin Flame Love

Amongst the greatest variation of stories on the market we find the one about Jesus (Yeshua) and Mary Magdalene (Miriam). I cannot reveal the TRUTH of that story at this present time, as the Divine Plan is to make all individuals find that truth within by using their own natural discernment. All the spells that have been added to this story and are still being added, as well as upon its followers, cannot be revealed either for the same reason. There is still much karma to release and learn from. And this is an important process which has to be done individually first. We all have both Jesus and Mary Magdalene in our cell memory and we all have the seed to the new Christ energy within us. The awakening of this is our own journey and use of free will. And when that is awakened within the so-called critical mass, then the TRUTH about Jesus and Magdalene will be revealed.

But the essence of the story can be revealed. That was the Divine teachings in how you lift the consciousness of this planet and how you release and heal yourself and how important it is to find the love and balance first within yourself and afterwards within all others. This Divine consciousness, power of healing and Twin Flame Love was represented by Yahusha and Miriam in their presence. Alone, their Masculine/Feminine balance and detached living free unconditional love.

They traveled all around this planet together as well as individually and represented this Divine knowledge through teachings and miracle healings. Together they planted the seeds of the Twin Flame Love by their pure presence. They planted the foundation of the coming of the new Christ Energy, which is NOW.

By visualization and activation, you receive the awakening of the Grail Codes and the Twin Flame Love within you. This will completely naturally increase the manifestation of the Twin Flame Love into your life, and this everybody naturally long and wish for as a part of the Divine Plan. It is a collective wish and common goal for all of us to manifest the so called One and Only, the Love of Your Life. First you find this within you and afterwards also outside of you, and then as a couple in balance you enter the Source from whence you came. By your combined energy force this will happen with an accelerated power and speed forward and upward. This is an important part of the Divine Plan creating the Union of the Twin Souls and the new collective unity consciousness of pure unconditional love.

Please do not force this to manifest though because you can’t. Just enjoy. It is about being, not doing. As the wonderful co-creator you are, you have created the Twin Flame Love in your life many times. You just haven’t been able to see or believe it. In this you might still have some difficulties. Do not worry. It is easy. You have already created it. And when he or she appears you have no doubts at all. The love that you feel in your heart will simply be un-questionable. This also pertains to a homosexual relationship. There is no separation. Should you have any doubts it is not him or her. If there is not a shadow of doubt, it is most likely him or her. And when it is, there is nothing else to do, only to be. It is that simple.

Images used in this meditation:

Left - Flower of Life/Holomatrix in infinite layers of chakra colors
Center - Living Gaia/Adonai Temple & Ascension Portal above and below encapsulating the holomatrices rotating around you with the light-connection connected to your spine
Right - Heart Mudra connecting all meridians, yin/yang, feminine/masculine & pineal/pituitary glands








Included in the guided activation you will chant the following mantras:

Earth:            Om ah hum lamho shutdi shutdi a a ah svaha (luminate pride)
Fire:               Om ah hum ramho shutdi shutdi a a ah svaha (luminate jealousy)
Air:                Om ah hum yamho shutdi shutdi a a ah svaha (luminate hate/anger)
Water:           Om ah hum bamho shutdi shutdi a a ah svaha (luminate ignorance)
Ether:            Om ah hum aeho shutdi shutdi a a ah svaha (luminate greed)
Tayatha Om Bekandse Bekandse Maha Bekandse Radza Samundgate Soha - It is the Medicine Buddha and the release and healing of pain on all levels, timeframes and dimensions from your entire being.
Om Tare Tuttare Ture Soha - It is Tara and the release, healing and removal of all negative obstacles from your entire being.
Om Mani Padme Hum - It is Avalokiteshvara, The Heart Buddha and release and healing, and you feel now the peace, love and joy settle within you.

Toning of the chakras to begin with:


Enjoy the guided meditation and your own activation of your DNA - Note that God is the Living Infinite Creator God and that the Elohim and Angels are the beneficial ones - Here as Mp3!