Astrology for you

"Man, know thyself" and free yourself with knowledge, for that's exactly what astrology can do, and that's a lot.


Handmade with clarity of your unconscious as conscious expressions in life, as well as expressions of insecurities and how you transcend these expressions and lift yourself above your karma bound fate and into your higher life-purpose, health and soul liberation

Astrological Guidance

You can ask about anything - after I have made the imperative clear for you

Birth Time Correction

The correct time of birth is essential to estimate your Ascendant/Rising Sign, which is of utmost importance to you. Here you can order your correct time of birth, even if you don't even know the date

Hour of Wisdom

Ask for advice on anything. I reply from reading your horoscope and current transits. It's win-win for both you and the orphanage in Cairo with your contribution