Numerology Balancing Bracelets

We all come to this world with certain gifts and talents, and also many things to learn on our  evolutionary  path. The  day that our life starts, on this earth plane, holds vast information in terms of our numerology matrix. In fact we can think of our matrix as a music masterpiece; it is the most unique and magnificent music when played in tune. As we humans go through our own experiences  and challenges  we often tend to play our music out of tune or in disharmony and cease to make a deeper inner connection. However, whatever we are doing with our lives and filling our days and years with, our ultimate focus needs to be living in harmony with our true self and all life surrounding us, clearing more of that carmic accumulation and finding authentic fulfillment.

We have a lot of help, helpers, wayshowers  on this path of learning. Crystals are one of them. They are our guides and allies; bringing connection, healing, balance and a rememberance of our most authentic  vibration.

Numerology Balancing Bracelets are custom madefor each person, to accompany them on their life path of evolution. They come in a set of two bracelets. The various crystals that make up the bracelets are there to gently support the person through the issues they are working with, while constantly showing  them the true vibrational frequencies they need to be in.

You can watch the experiment with 32 metronomes, which is a perfect example of how the vibrational healing works.

After you receive your set, remember to set up an appointment with me, Yesim, for a 20-30 minute talk over Skype or Whatsapp, because l would like to explain to you how your balancing bracelets are working for you.

The cost of each unique set is DKR 720/140 CAD (plus shipping).