Savannah’s Art

In October 2017 I took a brush in my hand for the first time and an artist aspect of myself from another timeline got activated. Former “kids” drawings are now suddenly replaced by visions that comes rolling, full of symbolism, healing power and codes for consciousness development, and without attachment they must get out into the world and do their work.


I also make soul paintings where I work from the person’s birth chart, interior design, colors, style, numbers, purposes, geometries, etc. Contact me at for more information


  • Feminine Grace

    Feminine Grace

    Feminine Grace - 60 x 60 - Acrylic - dkr. 4.444 The energy speaks for itself                      Read More »
  • Invinsible Nature

    Invinsible Nature

    Invinsible Nature - 60 x 60 - acrylic  -dkr. 3.333 In honor of the impact of Nature - Plants and trees that break through and grow in the most impossible places. Nature never gives up! We humans need to remember and learn from that.                    Read More »
  • Ocean Fresh

    Ocean Fresh

    Ocean Fresh - 20 x 40 - Acrylic and shells - dkr. 555 The ocean is PURE healing. The salt water purifies and oxygenates.Read More »
  • God Download-Upload

    God Download-Upload

    God Download Upload - 80 x 100 - Acrylic and stones - SOLD This painting was in order. No colors - just abstract. Without me knowing God came through in Arabic. The owner happens to be Muslim and love the painting. Well.....coincidences certainly don't exist.            Read More »
  • Nature Law Permeating

    Nature Law Permeating

    Nature Law Permeating - 60 x 60 - Acrylic - dkr. 1776 No coincidences! The Constitutional Law is the Natural Law and it shines through with the power of the will - our power by our DNA and thus our freedom                          Read More »
  • Phi Ratio – Golden Mean

    Phi Ratio – Golden Mean

    Phi Ratio - Golden Mean - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555Read More »
  • Merkabah – Star Tetrahedron

    Merkabah – Star Tetrahedron

    Merkabah - Star Tetrahedron - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - SOLDRead More »
  • Shri Tantra – Aum

    Shri Tantra – Aum

    Shri Yantra - Aum - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555Read More »
  • Flower of Life

    Flower of Life

    Flower of Life - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555Read More »
  • Mother Nature Revived

    Mother Nature Revived

    Mother Nature Revived - 80x60 - Acrylic - SOLD From the precious metals deep underground/in deep space, the sacred geometries appear as the Creators creating all there is - Flower of Life is the main geometry of all creation. The Star Tetrahedron as our inter-dimensional vehicle. The Phi Ratio/Golden Mean spiral forming everything. The Shri […]Read More »
  • Stargate to a Peaceful World

    Stargate to a Peaceful World

    Stargate to a Peaceful World - 20x20- Acrylic - dkr. 888,- 9-pointed star in which there is a 12-pointed star with an Alpha-Phi-Omega Spiral in the center. Genuine high quality green turquoise crystals from Tibet are affixed. It takes an awakened DNA to meditate on this image that opens a Stargate to a Peaceful World - […]Read More »
  • New Egypt

    New Egypt

    New Egypt - 60x60 - Akrylic - dkr. 3.333,- Colors of the Ancient Papyrus, true Eye of God with the Flower of Life as pupil, the Ankh for healing and protection as well as balance of masculine & feminine energies and the Pineal Gland at the bottom for the spiritual evolution. Silver glitter added. A […]Read More »
  • Harmony


    Harmony - 20x20 - Acrylic - SOLD This is exactly what we need in this Time of War 2022!Read More »
  • Electric Sun

    Electric Sun

    Electric Sun - 20x20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555,- Our Sun is not hot as we think. It becomes warmer, moving further away from it - of course, to a certain extend. The Sun is electrically charged and also charged with truths that still need to be disclosed. The Sun is not what we are told […]Read More »
  • Lightheartedness


    Lightheartedness - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555 Even the most simple shapes and patterns can come alive, and it feels relieving and uplifting in the heart.Read More »
  • I am a Unique Flower

    I am a Unique Flower

    I am a Unique Flower - 20 x 20 - Acrylic - dkr. 555 Here I come!Read More »
  • Living Fire Infinity Portal

    Living Fire Infinity Portal

    Living Fire Infinity Portal - 60 x 60 - Acrylic - SOLD I made the first Living Infinity Portal in its time and the demand for this image was so great that it was overwhelming. I talked to my guides about it, and immediately there was a cluck-grunt with the message "there will be a […]Read More »
  • Rainbow Light Body

    Rainbow Light Body

    Rainbow Light Body - 60 x 60 - Acrylic - SOLD It has a lot 3D effect - it waves inwards and outwards when you look at it - very vivid and alive. The higher chakras besides the 7 known ones are also activated through this High Vibe Art, as well as balance between the masculine […]Read More »


    WWG1WGA - 174 x 70 - Acrylic - SOLD The name is Where We Go 1 We Go All and 2 years passed painting it through maybe the greatest war and crisis in the history of the Earth from first lock-down - February 2020 - January 2022. There are many positive symbols, messages and healing […]Read More »
  • Higher Light Conception

    Higher Light Conception

    Higher Light Conception – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – SOLD The name comes from the painting itself and lives up to it. I tried to negotiate the name Reception rather than Conception, but NO, it didn’t ring through. It’s Higher Light Conception – end of discussion. Try to meditate on this and feel for […]Read More »
  • Divine Mother Spiraling

    Divine Mother Spiraling

    Divine Mother Spiraling - 100x60 - Acrylic - SOLD Instreaming divine frequencies from above to below, our DNA continously changing, Divine Spirits magical spiral work in the process, horisontal earthplane where sky and ocean meet and merge in the waves of DNA. A proces of love emanating in spirals from the golden mean ratio in the […]Read More »
  • Graceful Harmonic Peace

    Graceful Harmonic Peace

    Graceful Harmonic Peace - 60x50 - Acrylic - SOLD Soul paintings for married couple with their desire of colors corresponding to a background on a business card, suitable for an empty wall in their living room, where for years they have been looking for the right one without success. The paintings are based on their numerology, […]Read More »
  • Dandelions


    Dandalions (2 paintings) - 60 x 50 - Acrylic - SOLD I periodically communicate diligently with the animal and plant kingdom. In this instance it was the Dandelion, which simply refused to be overheard, first saw the creation and the dandelion as newly sprouted, then fully sprouted, then in seeds, after which the seeds spread […]Read More »
  • Spirit of Beauty

    Spirit of Beauty

    Spirit of Beauty - 60 x 50 - Acrylic - SOLD A soul painting made for a skilled hair magician based on her numerological code and in harmony with the colors of her hair salon. A spirit appeared that inspires the hair magician. Thoughts of creation seem to come seemingly out-of-nowhere, creating the magic that […]Read More »
  • Bee World

    Bee World

    Bee World - 80x80 - Acryl - dkr. 3.333,- It started with I saw pineapple all the time. Then I went closer into the pineapple's geometry and I heard a bee's humming. I looked for the bee, but there was none. I continued my research in the world of geometry, and a bee hummed up […]Read More »
  • Eckasha


    Eckasha - 80 x 40 - Acrylic - dkr. 900 Balance the electrical and magnetic rates out through the chakra system that connects our universal systems with our inner systems while we are incarnated physically P for the Earth-google Eckasha and get more knowledge for yourself. I love powerful symbols-and show the astrological ones, which […]Read More »
  • Living Infinity Portal

    Living Infinity Portal

    Living Infinity Portal - 80 x 70 - Oil/Acrylic - SOLD It starts with the AUM of creation in the middle - Tibet inspired - and then the process continued completely spontaneously Dot by DoT, without at any time thinking and looking at the picture from a distance. When it was finished, I step back […]Read More »
  • Cultures United

    Cultures United

    Cultures United - 80 x 60 - Acrylic - SOLGT The flower of life with its incredible diversity from Celtic to Indian to Arab and the Vikings from the north, as well as sacred stone circles that carry the power of the past into the future, where we must all unite despite our differences and […]Read More »
  • Home


    Home - 80 x 60 - Acrylic - dkr. 1500 Warmth, coziness, hospitality, inspiration, harmony, peace and healing at the attractive comfort of the wood stove. This image is Kongsoe with love, forest/nature, creation, Viking energy, the spiral of life and abundance of everything that is focused on. Kongsoe's guests meet this image at the […]Read More »
  • Earth Transcending

    Earth Transcending

    Earth Transcending - 90 x 70 - Oil/Acrylic - dkr. 1200 Painted on top of the second picture, which has created the foundation for this. True transformation into active transcendence (transcendence from one dimension/consciousness to another). The colors of the earth with oceans, ice caps, desert and a little forest - the love in the […]Read More »
  • Galactic Patchwork

    Galactic Patchwork

    Galactic Patchwork - 50 x 40 - Acrylic - PRIVATE In 2007, I became terminally ill and could do nothing but just be. The condition didn't seem to improve fast enough, so I had to do something, but what? Creativity is kundalini energy, and an important source of life force, so I found my late […]Read More »