Healing with Egyptian Oils

Gamal’s Original PURE Essential Egyptian Oils

Expert on perfumes and plant-oils as well as the growth and production of the oils

He grew up in an area adjacent to The Pyramids of Giza in Egypt. He is at home with its secrets and is deeply connected to the roots of his homeland. Since childhood he developed spiritual abilities and lived some years in the Sinai where he learned from the Bedouins – he became a ‘HEALER FROM THE HEART’.

Hardly no-one else knows more about healing work with oils, aromatherapy and captured the mystery of the ‘sacted oils’ of Egypt like this.

Savannah, Omahara, now provide healing with those oils – mostly connected to astrology, as your blueprint/birth chart reveal where there might be a great need for healing to assist you in rising above your fate and stepping into your Divine destiny, freeing your soul and start living your best life ever on all levels.

All Savannahs, Omahara spiritual journeys to Egypt provide a visit at Gamal – free of charge – He is a MUST meet and you will never be the same again, but better. Transformation is guaranteed.

Savannah co-operate with Gamal and all profit from sale of oils goes to an orphanage in Egypt.
With the purity of our heart intention, we can lead as example to benefit the highest good of all.

Please contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com for further information, price or consultation or go to the shop to buy.

15 ml. bottle with pipette
Dkr. 200,- + ship 

Excerpts of words of wisdom from Gamal:

“How can we heal our suffering? By being honest to ourselves and by facing the truth.”

“When we always do the same – the result is going to be the same”

“People who have a big mission, pay a big price”

“If you do not talk, how would they know that you have a wisdom.”


“So if you need something from your partner, and you don’t talk, how will your partner know? He is doing, what he likes.”

I am responsible for what I say, but I am not responsible for what you hear.“

What stops us is fear, or mistrust. When you do not trust yourself, you cannot trust the others. What you do not have you cannot give. And when you don’t trust, you cannot talk, because you will not know if it is your truth or not. And when you are affraid, you cannot talk, and if you talk you will hurt somebody. If not, you will guide somebody to hurt you. This is the truth.”

“In certain situations some people they don’t feel secure or strong enough to face the situation, so all what they do, are to take a mask on and use the language to confuse the other to escape the situation.”

“Without the base everything else would fall down.” 

“They get used to their fantasy, they don’t need any partner any more. Why? – Because they do not believe in themselves any more. They do not believe in their beauty any more. They do not believe in their magic any more. They do not want to be examined any more. They do not want to pass the exam one more time. It might work, it might not work. So what is the safe way? It is to be in your own hands, to do what you like the way you like it. No one watch you, no one see you.. You are the only one living out your desire. You hide behind this. It can take years till it comes, the nature, the nature is to feel yourself with a partner, so if your do not have the power to desire this, to do this, you need help from somebody else. So you can feel it in a different way. So you can start again. It does not have to be a relationship. It can be a sexual experience, it can be pleasures, but in reality, – not in fantasy.”

“If you do not know, what you wish, you have to go through experience, at least you can find out what you do not like.”

“If you know what you do not like, you will know what you wish.”

“The most important is to know what you need in the time you need it.”

“Every door has a key, we can not open the door with our head. So we have to find the key, you should look for it.”

“You should allow yourself to receive from others, so you can give others, what they need from you. You can not give what you do not have.”

“To be feminine is not the same as being weak. Many women are afraid of themselves, not of the man. In this life, what would you loose if you do what you like?”

“We pass through pain and suffering to learn. When you have suffered, you get used to it, and you fear change. You are afraid of the change – and the change can only be good.”

“The wisdom of a man comes from the woman. Without woman, there is no life. Without woman there is no love. Without woman there is no men.”

 “The soul does not sleep, the soul has no borders.”