Cleansing & Protection


Visualize a Violet Tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) around you with the base under your feet.

Visualize a Violet Octahedron (two 4-sided pyramids put together at the base) around you with the base in the center under your feet.

Visualize an Oversoul SILVER Infinity Archetype Symbol directly above your head/structure. This is the 'entrance' to Christ Consciousness and Godmind, which is also called God Source or Cosmic Universal Mind ... Godmind is all there is.


purifies and protects at all times.
This structure protects you against all negativity/attacks from the external world as well as mind-control, EMF radiation, etc.
You can place this structure around everything you want to protect - your house, car, pets, children, etc.
It is recommended to thought-create this structure at least twice a day - before getting out of bed and before going to sleep. It is also good before going for a walk, shopping, at work, etc.
It is also recommended to make a silver or gold cord from this structure to your destination when driving, flying, etc., so you are protected during transportation and the trip will often be experienced as easy and harmonious.

Take deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth. On inhalation, fill your body with white light through your Crown to the rest of your body. Hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. This white light encapsulates toxins and brings them out on exhalation. Do this until the exhalation is completely clear and clean. White light must not be kept in the body for long periods of time as it is too high of a frequency for the physical body and will wash out the chakra colors, but as a short-term flush, white is very effective - also in the healing of e.g. cancerous tumors - always remember only short-term use. Angels are often seen as white because they have no body. White for too long in your physical body will get you out of the body and you may lose your ground connection and be an easy victim of mind-control or other negativity.

Feeling your Feet or visualizing brown in and around you will quickly bring you back to the present and ground you. You can do this throughout the exercise if you feel dizzy, off, scared, etc.

Visualize yourself in a tunnel of golden light. Activate the Divine Mothers Fire underneath you letting the flames work up through your body and energy field. Turn up the light in your tunnel. A suction is created. Ask all demons, devils, spirits, shadow-beings, walk-ins, AI walk-ins, entities, negative reptiles and ET's to go to the light at the end of your tunnel above your head - back to where they belong. Their beloveds are waiting for them. If needed they will be taken into the Heavenly Hospitals for healing. Let them know that a much better form of existence is awaiting them. Focus and take your time clearing yourself. Often the clearing can be felt as a relief or even a suction sound can be heard when they leave your body. Use your deep breathing in through your nose and out through your mouth supporting this process.

Visualize a small light disc clearing your body for implants. Wherever you focus in your body, the disc will start clearing. Most often the implants are in the pituitary gland, in and around the pineal in the center of your brain, medulla (back of your head), spine, heart, behind your heart and kidneys, though they can be anywhere in your body. Let your intuition or signaling responses from your body tell you where they are. Focus and take your time clearing yourself. Use your breathing in through your nostrils and out through your mouth to support this process.

Clear yourself of elementals and other negative earth creatures feeding themselves off your organs by turning up the Divine Mothers flames of broad-spectrum infrared and white flames sending them back into Earth or nature from whence they came and command them to stay there (so nobody else picks them up) or send them up into the Oversoul Silver Infinity Symbol over your head or down into the Divine Mother Fire, and they will be eliminated or distributed from there. Bright red is also a color which should only be used for quick flushes.

If you still have a pain or tension that seems unable to clear, this can be an ET program. Visualize a candle's flame as a Firm Flame Of Destruction into the center of the program. Leave the flame there. This will disintegrate the program. Return regularly to check if the program is gone, as they can replicate. Keep the flame there until the pain or tension is totally gone.

If you still sense some pain or tension in some areas, this can be Extraterrestrial DNA which shouldn't be there. Visualize God's Golden Hand scooping this out. It becomes like porous stone crushed to dust in the hand and thrown into the Divine Mothers Fire so that no one else picks it up.

Focus on your pineal gland and see it in Royal Blue.

place a royal blue circle with a dot in the center in your pineal.


Now focus on your body, where you let cylinder-discs rotate in the SAME direction from the BOTTOM UP. Let your body deside the direction at the beginning.
See yourself as if you were in a tube filled with color from the bottom up so your body is filled inside and around it.

This is quite a fast exercise (less than 1 minute). If you get distracted doing this, there are external interferences. Then visualize a brown cross, which is cancellation, and start over again with stabilizing your pineal and do the cylinder discs again.

Rotate a BROWN cylinder-disc from underneath your feet to the top of your thighs. It is not a chakra but it is needed to stay in the now, stabilized and grounded.
Rotate a PALE RED cylinder-disc from top of thighs to your pubic.
Rotate a PALE ORANGE cylinder-disc from your pubic bone to your navel.
Rotate a PALE YELLOW/PALE YELLOW cylinder-disc from your navel to your sternum.
Rotate a MEDIUM GREEN cylinder-disc from your sternum to your collarbone.
Rotate an ELECTRIC ICE BLUE cylinder-disc from your collarbone to the tip of your nose.
Rotate a ROYAL BLUE cylinder-disc from the tip of your nose to the center of your forehead.
Rotate a VIOLET cylinder-disc from the center of your forehead to just above the top of your crown. Not purple! Purple is bluish - violet is reddish.

Now let all the discs rotate so fast that they turn into clear light and you clean your chakras which is also removes imbalances and pain.

Now breath in Violet through your Crown to the rest of your body. Hold your breath for a few seconds and exhale slowly through your mouth. This enhances your purification and protection. Do this a few times and you are ready to return.

This entire cleansing and protection exercise is recommended several times daily, and immediately when you are feeling "off" which is a clear sign of mind-control, or when you suddenly feeling emotionally crappy, which is a sign of that you have picked up someone or something. Feeling bad or down in general is most often a sign of that you have unwanted visitors in your body which can make you, your life and all your surroundings an unpleasant mess.

The stabilizing of your pineal will decalcify your pineal so you can concentrate, think clearly, perceive your intuition and develop your consciousness.

Each time you feel "scattered", stabilize your pineal and cover yourself with BROWN, then you will return to the present and restore the grounding.

When discs around your body rotate counterclockwise, it means that you have an abundance of energy in your non-physical which needs to be brought into your physical. Rotating discs clockwise you have abundance of energy in your physical which need to be brought to your non-physical. Balancing.

Other useful tricks:

You can flush out parasites, worms, viruses, heavy metals, fungi, smart-dust and nano-particles, and toxins in general with this violet color as much as you like.

You can also order billions of holomatrices (see image) into your body and ask them with respective colors / frequencies to eliminate all heavy metals such as aluminum, mercury, barium, strontium, lithium, all smart-dust and nano-particles, all parasites, worms, viruses, fungi and toxins of all kinds - all harmful stuff brought into your body from the outside world be it physically or energetically projected. What they cannot eliminate on site is encapsulated and brought to the large intestine and naturally released at the next toilet visit. Feel the cleansing - it is very instant.

As fiveG destroys the uptake of oxygen, then breath deeply through the nose and fill your lungs with medium green / fresh grass green, which is the color / frequency of oxygen, hold your breath for a few seconds and slowly exhale toxins through your mouth. This can be done as much as you need.

If you are in pain, use ELECTRIC ICE BLUE in the painful area and intuitively sing the tone that comes to you, then the pain will quickly disappear, and you will restore the balance in that area.

You can give all your body cells healing simultaneously by visualizing all cells filled with royal blue, then violet layer (red purple), and then a layer of silver around and finally a layer of gold around. Next, apply a layer of dark brown around your entire body, which is the color / frequency that makes this manifestation instant and holds it.

It is highly recommended to clear all attachments to persons, things, situations, etc. Write down all the names of those who have hurt you or whom you may have hurt. Visualize burning the cords between you by holding a torch underneath or place you and the other person on each side of a fire - whichever method works best for you - be self-responsible. It is important to burn ALL cords to the very end inside both you and the other person. When finished, burn the list of names too. Doing this regularly will FREE you from a lot of heartache, pain, feelings of attacks, emotional upsets, grief, etc. - even cancer. We will never really be free before we have done this work. This is an utmost important exercise to do very often.

Onions are anti-bacterial - take off the brown outer layer of an ordinary yellow onion and place it in a bowl or on the plate on the bedside table or where you are staying. The onion will absorb bacteria and viruses in the air. Never eat it. After approx. 1 week the onion has often small dark dots inside or even rotten.

If you want to learn effective and quick techniques to read your DNA (know thyself), re-raise your inner child, release concerns, the importance of colors, experience 12D, expand your awareness and psychic abilities, improve your relationships, de-program and keep your body in top shape etc. - contact Savannah: - who is constantly teaching.

If you observe shadow-beings or other uncomfortable energies in your space, then go around and clear with incense (f.ex. white sage) while you say: "This space is of the Light. This space is of the Christ. Only that of the Light may be here, all else may go." - Repeat this sentence for both your body and space until it feels light and with ease again.

With honorable thanks to
Owen James, Medical Intuitive, Stewart Swerdlow & his wife Janet, Elizabeth Wilcock, and Savannah's Mediumship

Daily Aumkabah Activation and Meditation Routine

Toning to chakra balance! Sacred sounds of Egypt.
When the sounds vibration spread to the rest of your body, your body becomes like a bell, where after you fill up the room so it is vibrating with the bell.

Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, and then 7 deep breaths with the following sounds on exhale:


And then you can ask for this if you choose Living God as your Creator!

I ask living God Almighty and Christ to be present in and around me. I ask you living God Almighty to make me holy and complete in your name. I ask all masters of God’s star systems of living light from at least 500 hertz and up from the Pleiadians, Archturus, Lyra, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, the Great Central Sun and the Elohim of light, as well as my higher selves, my authentic selves, my angels and master guides of living light to be fully present around me with all your divine guidance, healing, wisdom, truth, light, love, clarity and direction for me on my divine journey. I ask you to create a strong coning of protection around me, here now as well as on all timelines and dimensions. I ask that living God’s Will is my will and that everything being shared with me, is in full agreement with living God’s plan, as well as in perfect and harmonic balance with Mother Gaia’s Divine Plan. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And So It IS.

Visualize 3 Flower of Love rotating clockwise around you, connected to your 13th, 20th and 33rd chakras. Visualize aLiving Gaia-Adonai Temple and Ascension Portal as God’s Golden Armour above and below encapsulating the 3 holomatrices in the main chamber of the Temple. Visualize your Living Gaia-Adonai Light-connection connected to your spine. You are the center of this light structure.

Now draw in from above the pure true essence of the Heart of Father God Adonai down through your light connection into your heart, and draw in from below the pure true essence of the Heart of Mother Gaia up through the North Pole and your light connection into your heart. Merge the energies creating a Golden Heart Octahedron rotating slowly clockwise around you heart.

Begin the Living Matter-Muon Thought-Mind Clearing with free falling light crystals visualized as holomatrices through your crown, pineal and pituitary and out through your 3. eye for 1-2 minutes. All discordant thoughtforms, emotions and patterns are pulled out as pearls on a string and dissolved in the light of God Source. Breathe with SO as you inhale through your nose and HUM as you exhale through your mouth. You create focused silence!


Aumkabah (Merkabah) Activation:

Spiral thought-intention with breath:

  • Living Gaia-Adonai Holomatrix of Love - Activate (inhale)
    Accelerate rotation at Aumni-light Speed (exhale)
  • Magnetic Technology for removal of nano-particles from my body (inhale/exhale). A titanium-colored ship is above you and suck out of your body and up all metals - magnetically!