I am Savannah, founder of Omahara - Heaven on Earth, Living Love Technology and Savannah's Treat - B&B Healthy.

I am Master Facilitator in Melchizedek tools for ascension presented as Omahara, are psychic with massive experience in virtually all matters of life - body, mind and spirit, so offers teachings in Omahara, astrology, cleansing & protection, meditation/DNA activation, guidance for a healthy lifestyle, astrological & numerological guidance and rapport, technology for radiation protection of DNA and clearing with frequencies, as well as Wetality CBD and essential oils, healthy water and air, reflexology, massage, healing incl. in distance, etc.

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Denmark, +45 60807651 or teachings@omahara.com

Birth Chart - Short & Good

Astrological, numerological & tarot

ca. 15-20 pages, handmade

Who are you? What is the essence of your soul? What is your life purpose?

"Man know thyself" - what you should know so that you can become the best version of yourself. When you know, you know!

Important info for everyone, including parents of young children, so they can support their needs and life mission from the start.

dkr. 555,- (incl. possibly corrected time of birth).

Sent your date of birth, place and time (approx.) to Savannah: teachings@omahara.com


Omahara Level 1

Powerful tools for Ascension!

Online teachings: Ask Savannah for dates!

7 days (in 2 modules) from 4pm-22pm CEST (Copenhagen)


There is only one way - forward and upward, and this is accomplished by going inward.

5D is the minimum goal of your soul's liberation now, but it does not happen by itself.

Omahara/Melchizedek provide you the tools to walk the path on your own,
heal and constantly raise your vibration with short daily DNA-activation as meditation.


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