I'm Savannah, founder of Omahara - Heaven on Earth, Living Love Technology and Savannah's Treat - B&B Healthy. 

I have education, mental abilities and massive experience in almost all matters of life - body, mind and spirit, so offer teachings in astrology, dreams, cleansing & protection, meditation techniques, tools for Ascension, am a sovereignty advisory consultant, offer heart opening ceremonies by Owen James - Medical Intuitive, Herbal Medicine Workshops by Helen Shardlow - Herbalist, guidance for healthy living, astrological & numerology guidance, own tea blends, technology for radiation protection of DNA, Wetality CBD Oils and Ointments, and healthy water, reflexology, massage and quantum sound healing, etc.

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Kirkepladsen 8, Skarrild, 6933 Kibaek, tel. +45 60807651 or teachings@omahara.com


Omahara Level 1

Powerful tools for Ascension!

6th-8th of Aug. & 23rd-26th of Sept. 2021

7 full days from 7am-2pm PDT (9 hours behind Denmark)


It is more important than ever that we take responsibility for our own level of consciousness.
The higher you elevate yourself, the less lower energies will affect you.
There is only one way - forward and upward, and this is accomplished by going inward.

Omahara gives you the tools to heal and elevate yourself on your own with daily DNA & Light Body Activation as meditation.

Owen James - Medical Intuitive

Amazingly skilled, so fortunately world famous.

You can ask about ANYTHING - be prepared for the answer!

Owen will also scan your body completely and give you a clear overview about how you are doing and what you can do yourself while he is healing and assisting you.

Date for 2021 coming!

Contact for private session: Savannah: teachings@omahara.com

  • FREE guided meditation / DNA-activation

    FREE guided meditation / DNA-activation

    The Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol and activation of the Grail Codes and Twin Flame Love This is an excerpt of Omahara Level 1. If you want more - go …Read More »
  • Omahara – Opstigning

    Omahara – Opstigning

    Powerful tools for Ascension! 6th-8th of Aug. & 23rd-26th of Sept. 2021 7 full days from 7am-2pm PDT (9 hours behind Denmark) FREE Intro DNA-activation online on the 22nd of …Read More »
  • Nano-cleanse


    Removal of NanoRead More »
  • Astrological Insight June 2020

    Astrological Insight June 2020

    We’re all pretty desperate to hear something positive about what’s happening in the world to our advantage. Many planets are currently retrograde, such as Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. …Read More »
  • Sovereignty Advisory Consultant

    Sovereignty Advisory Consultant

    - to freedom by publishing under Common Law Court - making of important documents - action toward letters from the public - action toward penalties, etc. - avoid vaccination and …Read More »

Savannas kunst

  • Higher Light Conception

    Higher Light Conception

    Higher Light Conception – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 2000The name comes from the painting itself and lives up to it. I tried to negotiate the name Reception rather than Conception, but NO, it didn’t ring through. It’s Higher Light Conception – end of discussion. Try to meditate on this and feel for yourself […]Read More »
  • Divine Mother Spiraling

    Divine Mother Spiraling

    Instreaming divine frequencies from above to below, our DNA continously changing, Divine Spirits magical spiral work in the process, horisontal earthplane where sky and ocean meet and merge in the waves of DNA. A proces of love emanating in spirals from the golden mean ratio in the center of this Universe and from the core […]Read More »
  • Soul Paintings in Order

    Soul Paintings in Order

    Soul paintings for married couple with their desire of colors corresponding to a background on a business card, suitable for an empty wall in their living room, where for years they have been looking for the right one without success. The paintings are based on their numerology, separately as well as together - they are […]Read More »
  • Bee World

    Bee World

    It started with I saw pineapple all the time. Then I went closer into the pineapple's geometry and I heard a bee's humming. I looked for the bee, but there was none. I continued my research in the world of geometry, and a bee hummed up again at my ear. I did not find any […]Read More »