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This futuristic technology is brought into the now to help us and planet Earth in this critical time of transition into the Aquarian Age. A Plug & Play 24/7 supporting us with ALL that we need now.   

Savannah, Living LOVE Technology, is distributor working for your benefit in the purchase of, renting or just experiencing this highly advanced and loved technology.

Tesla IQube

What’s in the Tesla iQube that creates such a powerful vortex of scalar energy?

It’s hidden in the sacred geometry. The Tesla iQube brain training system has the power to fundamentally change your human consciousness for the better and support healing on a planetary level.

Simply plug it in, turn it on, and go about your day. The Tesla iQube brain training system should be left on 24/7. It creates an ever expanding field of coherent energies, which nurture the environment and everything in it.

Hand designed and custom built with laser technology in USA

  • 3 High End Audio Amplifiers
    1 Digital Player Pre-programmed with all major frequency programs (Theta Love (glands), Relaxation, Awaken (organs), Telomeres (brain gymnastic), Gamma Bliss, Raising Planetary Vibration, Harmony, Focus, Peak Performance, Protection, Empowerment, Schumann resonans and digestion, Ocean Waves)
  • 1 Shri Chakra Laser Engraved Insert
  • Hexagonal Copper Cores
  • Carbon Inserts
  • Flower Essences
  • 24 Karat Gold – direct influence on the mental body and is the medium by which the spirit balances its own vital forces
  • Pure Silver – direct influence on the emotional body
  • 10 Inert Noble Gas Inserts
  • 1 Oxygen Insert
  • 1 Stereo Speaker System
  • 1 Hard Carrying Case for Travel
  • Quantum Sound Therapy Software
  • 5 Bottles of Structured Water
  • Adapters, cables etc.

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Now you can transform your home into a sanctuary of sacred scalar energy while your “quantum brain” is re-patterned to meditative state like a Zen master all the time.

The Tesla coils-iQube system is designed to create a powerful, blissful, zero-point energy field that effortlessly raises your vibration and improves the resonance of your environment.

Inspired by the masterful Nikola Tesla, this Tesla iQube technology has been researched, developed, and created to clearly define Quantum Physics and Scalar Wave Energy. Ahead of his time, Tesla envisioned a world of love and free energy based on scalar wave technology that did not damage the human energy field or the quantum brain.

Nikola Tesla’s ideas in 1899 are now transforming the world with his brilliant inventions. This Tesla iQube really is the choice if you want to raise the vibration in your environment.

The Tesla iQube brain training system creates a 24×7 zero-point field in your environment, quickly moving you from chaos to coherence.

The dissonant energies still on our planet create a field of vibrational “noise” that can make it more challenging to maintain expanded states of consciousness.

We’ve designed the Tesla with pre-programmed frequencies, specifically to help train your brain to move more easily into the theta and delta brainwave states associated with bliss and enlightenment achieved with ease and grace.

The Tesla iQube has been described as transforming your soul by clearing and moving beyond karmic life lessons into soul lessons.

What stops you from manifesting quickly and easily is your stubborn subconscious blocks and repetitive stories. You can easily raise your resonance with tools that are designed to generate coherent zero point fields that uplift you.

When we dissolve these old, deep human stories, the potential lying dormant in the subtle, causal body is then awakened. We naturally emerge into our true power.

This dissipates your subconscious blocks to manifesting miracles within the Law of Attraction.

Get more info and testimonials from the inventors page HERE!

Miracle IQube

Live in a state of dynamic enlightenment and manifest your intentions from clarity & consciousness

The Miracle IQube have 2 triple nested scalar wave vortex tesla-like coils (2 x the Harmony IQube) and opens up a totally new dimension of personal expansion and transformation using Voice Assessment Feedback, Scalarwave Entrainment, Inert Noble Gases, and targeted Golden Six Wave Form Soundtracks.

  • Removes deep fears
  • Awakens the spiritual glands that have been dormant for thousands of years
  • Accelerates your intuition, awakening & transformation
  • Clears environment of discordant energy and EMF’s
  • Creates a dynamic quantum scalar energy field that raises your vibration 24/7
  • Entrains you effortlessly with deep delta, theta, gamma and alpha brain wave states
  • Improves happiness, mood, relationships and quality of life – the Miracle in simpel use
  • Deepens your meditation, sleep and your learning and concentration power
  • Automatically balances and clears your chakras

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For more information and testimonials, look on the inventors page HERE!

OM Pocket IQube

Moves you out of fight/flight reactivity into calm and profound relaxation.
Protects you from incoherent fields generated by EMFs, radiation og discordant energies of all varieties.


  • CLEARING: Clears and protects you from extraneous emotional energies, EMF’s, discordant or incoherent energy of all kinds.
  • CONCENTRATE: Enhances focus and concentration. Targets the Frontal Lobe – your seat of genius. Increases clarity, intelligence and problem solving ability.
  • GROUNDING, SCHUMANN RESONANCE, DIGESTION AND PEAK PERFORMANCE: Helps you to ground and digest food easily. Aligning with the Schumann Resonance harmonizes your energy with the earth and aligns and nurtures your cells with Earth’s natural resonance.
  • HEART OPENING: Opens your heart chakra to increased love. This acts to attract what you need in your life.
  • GAMMA BLISS AND PINEAL ACTIVATION: Gamma Brain Wave States are associated with Peak Performance, High Creativity, even Genius. This will give you enhanced clarity, intuition, insight and problem solving ability. You will find your talents flower naturally.
  • TELOMERES: This is the anti-aging, rejuvenation, and healing track. Telomeres shorten as we age. When we reverse this cycle, it will increase our energy on many levels. We have found that this helps support the many problems of early aging.
  • NEW CONSCIOUSNESS: This raises your resonance to a whole new level. It is designed to raise your vibration without all of the work, struggle, and stress.


  • PROTECTION: Protects you from fear and extraneous energies and clears the room, house or area from interfering energies that can disturb your sleep.
  • DELTA THETA SWEEP: Helps you to easily and effortlessly enter the Delta realm of deep sleep and stay there.
  • MAGNESIUM-SULFUR: Most people are deficient in this. This is calming and can also act to relieve deep, chronic pain.
  • LUCID DREAMING: Helps you to enter the state of lucid dreaming, where you will have vivid dreams and out of body experiences.
  • OCEAN WAVES: Calming ocean waves.
  • EMOTIONAL CLEARING: Clears your emotions from the day and helps you to rest and clear, leaving emotional agitation behind. Based on Octave Wave 8.
  • NEW CONSCIOUSNESS: Raises your resonance to a new frequency. You can also get your personalized sound track (Soul Tones) HERE and play these through your Om Pocket. This will greatly enhance your ability to remove emotional blocks with laser like efficiency.


What the Om Pocket owners report from their experience of having this device:

  • EMF protection
  • Increased cellular energy and vitality; increase the energy of food and grains
  • Brain training to enhance focus & concentration
  • Increased libido, sexuality and healing with telomeres sound track
  • Improved health and resilience with magnesium sound track
  • Letting go of repetitive family patterns & dissipating low vibrational states like impatience, anger & frustration
  • Clearing the environment & creating harmony in offices and homes; positive inspired change & transformation; removing stuckness
  • Increased positive energy and effortlessly releasing deep sadness associated with loss
  • Increased athletic performance; getting back into the zone of peak performance
  • Clearing of emotional overwhelm & greater clarity
  • Deeper, more peaceful sleep & lucid dreaming
  • Improved energetic boundaries make driving in traffic easier, more able to stay in bubble of protection; quantum coherence
  • Deep meditation and living in a vortex
  • Successfully stops mind chatter & drama
  • Improved relationships & enhanced ability to shift the emotional state of others
  • Harmony with nature
  • Greater resilience, improved focus & pain relief
  • Unlocking creativity with gamma sound track
  • Profound transformation not masking issues
  • Improved family relationships
  • Return of passion, peace, prosperity & well-being; love affair with the OM Pocket

 What’s inside the OmPocket making such a powerful quantum coherent field:

  • 1 “Tesla” Scalarwave Coil
  • Hexagonal Copper Core
  • 24 Karat Gold
  • Pure Silver
  • 5 Inert Noble Gases
  • San Disk Digital Player pre-loaded with AM/PM Soundtrack
  • Sound Blaster Amplifier
  • Charger
  • Ear buds
  • 5 Online Cloud Sound Therapy Sessions
  • Carry Case
  • 2 Bottles Spirit Molecule Water

For more info & testimonials, see the inventors page HERE!

Payment plan possible
RENT: dkr. 500,- per week + 2000 in self-insurance + shipping
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