Water is essential, but water is not just water ...

The more pure life-giving water we use, the better opportunity the body and organs have in using resources for essential functions.
When choosing the alkaline water ionization machine one should bear in mind that in some machines are added sodium chloride and sodiumhypochlorite (bleach). In our machines this process is done naturally. There are large differences in price on the market, which only reflects the number of sales channels and costs. With us, a Danish company, there is only one link between producer and consumer, therefore we can supply quality products from one of the largest manufacturers on the global market, at very competitive prices. Moreover, we have 30 years of experience in water quality improvement.

Make your own health water at home!

The characteristics of healthy water are:

  • Better regulation of the acid / base balance within the body.
  • Better immune system.
  • Less risk of recurrence of diseases.
  • Stabilizes the body's PH value - alkaline balance.
  • Effective detoxification and cleansing.
  • Postpones aging.
  • Makes the water a strong natural antioxidant.
  • Neutralizes the harmful free radicals.
  • Enhances the effect of antioxidants, that are consumed.
  • Impurities as for example heavy metals is cleared out.
  • Relieves body with less harmful toxins.
  • Cleaner and healthier diet. Impurities washed better off of vegetables etc.
  • Much better quality of food when the food are cooked or prepared with healthy water.

Water Machines in 3 different models + 1 Ceramic Filter

They purify, ionizes, oxydize, halves the size of the water cluster and splits water into acid / base values


Model 503
: This machine with 5 titanium plates can provide 4 levels of alkaline water, neutral water and 2 levels of acid water. LCD display.

Price: DKR 8.900,- incl. VAT
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Contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com


Model 703: This machine with 7 titanium plates can deliver 5 levels of alkaline water, neutral water and 2 levels of acid water. Digital display of different Ph-value. Can be applied himalayan salt, among other things good for skin, eczema and psoriasis.

Price: DKR 11.900,- incl. VAT
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Contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com

Model 9000: 
This machine has 9 large ionizing plates and double filters that remove pesticides and residues, nitrates, heavy metals, ocher, bacteria, most of the chalk and much more.

Price: DKR 18,500 incl. VAT
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Supplied incl. extra faucet with control panel. In addition, a water supply must be applied to the water pipe in the cabinet under the sink, and a 220 volt power outlet must be established.
The filters must be changed approx. once a year and a kit costs 750 dkr.

Contact teachings@omahara.com according to price, installation, plug for your country etc.

Ceramic Filter

If you do not clean your water, your body becomes your filter ! 

Absolutely newest and best technology in water purification with core of activated charcoal.

Removes bacteria, pesticides, nitrates, chlorine, ocher, chalk, lead and other heavy metals down to 0.5 microns.

Price: DKR 1,950 incl. VAT
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Extra ceramic filter DKR 600 incl. VAT


Here is a filter (yellowish) that has been in use for 1 month.
Cleaning the filter: put on a pair of gloves - hold the filter under running water and scrub with a sponge, then the filter will be clean again.

We recommend a new filter every 3 to 6 months depending on the quality of the water in that particular place.

Contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com