Heart Opening with Aya

With Sacred Aya Plant Medicine from ancient vines of the Amazon Jungle.

These works serve for people's individual healing and growth as well as healing ancestoral heritage, karma and assist in developing higher collective awareness.

This is an immense experience  into the core of your self , where you become aware of the reasons and blockages that are keeping you from living your truth and appreciating who you really are as the perfect expressions of divine creation. The work acts as a gateway to become more conscious of your fears, things that stop you from moving ahead, issues you can't overcome in relationships and takes you on your own inner journey of deep self discovery.

Divine Mother Aya knows exactly what needs to be worked on in the individual, delivering a divine quantum leap similar to many years of intense spiritual work in just 1-2 nights.

2024 - dates awaiting

Kirkepladsen 8, Skarrild, 6933 Kibaek, Denmark

Limited participation.

1st Day

  • Arriving on the grounds and settling in time before simple dinner around 5:00pm.
  • Gathering around 7pm, opening introduction circle, sharing guidelines about the work so that each participant is ready and confident to proceed.
  • Around 8:30pm opening the work. Once the work is open there is very little talk and more concentration. Various sound vibrations are used, created through crystal bowls, tuning forks and chimes  along with  music specially selected to evoke certain frequencies to help and assist the process. This healing journey takes 5 to 6 hours depending on the group process. Although everyone does their work individually, the collective presence of the group is naturally  acknowledged by all. The feeling of being in a safely held space encourages one to be able to go deeper.

2nd Day

  • Light breakfast on the go!
  • Gathering late morning for a sharing circle, answering questions to be able to go deeper the 2nd night with more understanding about how to navigate through the journey.
  • Brunch.
  • Rest and spending some time in nature and inner silence.
  • Simple dinner around 5:30-6:00pm.
  • Opening the work 7:30pm. Whereas the 1st night was mainly about clearing certain obstacles, looking into aspects of the self usually avoided, the 2nd night is like smoothly sailing through the newly discovered territory, which provides wider possibilities for finding forgiveness and opening the heart. We close the work when the group synergy is ready, usually 5-6 hours after start.

3rd Day

  • Brunch before the 'talking stick' ceremony, which is a native tradition in many indigenous cultures, where everyone takes turns sharing their experience, helping to bring inspiration and deeper understanding to the issues, they have worked with. We continue the day working on opening the heart, dissolving some of the strings of attachment, and practicing cleansing tools. Our work finishes around 4pm.


Contribution for the work is 550 Euro (accomodation & food are not included – look below).
Payment in EURO upon arrival - also charged if you don't show u

Registration at the latest the 4th of October to Savannah: teachings@omahara.com


Before & After the Work

It is strongly advised to start following  a 'clean' diet - no red meat, no alcohol, no junk food- a week before the work to make it easier for the physical body to experience the liquid light the work introduces. It is also important to keep as much energy to yourself as possible in order to receive the most from your journey, therefore sexual intimacy is best be avoided  for 3 days before the work.

The dresscode is  confortable, plain white or light coloured clothing.

The few days after the work it is best to live at a slower pace as much as possible and support oneself on all levels- physical, emotional, mental, spiritual-  to be able to take in and process the material that has been offered through the work.


About Owen James & Yesim Savaser

Owen James who facilitates  this type of  work in many countries around the world  has been trained and initiated by different traditions in South America and by the Beautiful  Painted Arrow of New Mexico.He has been on the spiritual path since over 50 years with true devotion for nature, music and medicine. He has worked intensively with the Brazilian communuties of the Santo Daime and Umbanda and has extensive experience and training as a psychotherapist, naturopath, past life therapist, rolfer, homeopath and  continues to teach and serve his clients for better health and wellbeing through his medical intuitive sessions. www.medicalintuitive.ca  - read more HERE!


Yesim Savaser has been facilitating, organizing and partaking in spiritual works as guided by the spirit, since she has parted paths with her carrier as an architect. Gets inspiration from qigong, pranic healing,feng shui, shamanic practices and sound healing. Continues to work with space clearing&healing, offers hypnosis/energy healing sessions and Hair Sample Microscopy and Personal Crystal Bracelets (by preorder). Read more HERE!

Together they travel around the world to share the wisdom of opening the heart and finding forgiveness to be able to embrace the fuller potential of being human and to live with kindness and compassion.


Accommodation & Food during the Work

As ALL participants need accommodation Savannah offers comfortable beds/rooms or mattresses after first come principle in harmonizing Temple Energy with PURE drinking water.

Prices per person:

Dkr. 250 - Euro 35 per night incl. bedding and towel or
Dkr. 200 - Euro 27 per night with own brought bedding and towel

Dinner Friday & Saturday before the work is very simple to assist the stomach, so Savannah is giving!

Other catering is provided by the participants themselves.
There is a 3 minute walk to My Grocery Store, which also has a lot of organics.
It is advisable to bring your own cooler bag, where Savannah offers freezer space for cooling elements.
Payment for accommodation is in cash in DKR upon arrival.