Lightbody / Aumkabah Activation

Daily Meditation Routine

Toning to chakra balance! Sacred sounds of Egypt.
When the sounds vibration spread to the rest of your body, your body becomes like a bell, where after you fill up the room so it is vibrating with the bell.

Take 3 deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth, and then 7 deep breaths with the following sounds on exhale:


And then you can ask for this if you choose Living God as your Creator!

I ask living God Almighty and Christ to be present in and around me. I ask you living God Almighty to make me holy and complete in your name. I ask all masters of God’s star systems of living light from at least 500 hertz and up from the Pleiadians, Archturus, Lyra, Andromeda, Alpha Centauri, the Great Central Sun and the Elohim of light, as well as my higher selves, my authentic selves, my angels and master guides of living light to be fully present around me with all your divine guidance, healing, wisdom, truth, light, love, clarity and direction for me on my divine journey. I ask you to create a strong coning of protection around me, here now as well as on all timelines and dimensions. I ask that living God’s Will is my will and that everything being shared with me, is in full agreement with living God’s plan, as well as in perfect and harmonic balance with Mother Gaia’s Divine Plan. Thank You. Thank You. Thank You. And So It IS.

Visualize 3 Flower of Love rotating clockwise around you, connected to your 13th, 20th and 33rd chakras. Visualize aLiving Gaia-Adonai Temple and Ascension Portal as God’s Golden Armour above and below encapsulating the 3 holomatrices in the main chamber of the Temple. Visualize your Living Gaia-Adonai Light-connection connected to your spine. You are the center of this light structure.

Now draw in from above the pure true essence of the Heart of Father God Adonai down through your light connection into your heart, and draw in from below the pure true essence of the Heart of Mother Gaia up through the North Pole and your light connection into your heart. Merge the energies creating a Golden Heart Octahedron rotating slowly clockwise around you heart.

Begin the Living Matter-Muon Thought-Mind Clearing with free falling light crystals visualized as holomatrices through your crown, pineal and pituitary and out through your 3. eye for 1-2 minutes. All discordant thoughtforms, emotions and patterns are pulled out as pearls on a string and dissolved in the light of God Source. Breathe with SO as you inhale through your nose and HUM as you exhale through your mouth. You create focused silence!


Aumkabah (Merkabah) Activation:

Spiral thought-intention with breath:

  • Living Gaia-Adonai Holomatrix of Love - Activate (inhale)
    Accelerate rotation at Aumni-light Speed (exhale)
  • Magnetic Technology for removal of nano-particles from my body (inhale/exhale). A titanium-colored ship is above you and suck out of your body and up all metals - magnetically!