Sacred Geometry

A Yantra is a sacred Diagram

History: There are various kinds of Yantra's which all have a unique meaning, purpose and effect. Yantra's are powerful, sacred symbols, which have been activated by the saints and sages for thousands of years to assist the upliftment of humanity.

Thousands of years ago 108 equally powerful saints created amazing Sacred Geometry's known as yantra's. The secret knowledge, drawing and mantras were recorded exclusively in one palm leaf book. Recently, this ancient knowledge was made available for future generations.There is one Yantra known as the Sri Chakra. This Sacred Geometry is known as the soul diagram or blueprint as such it covers all angles and aspects of creation. The totality of consciousness exists in the Sacred Geometry of the Sri Chakra. Within it, we can find the 'Nada Bindu' - the center point of creation. It is through the Nada Bindu, that the formless manifests into form and vice versa. Every human soul has a "Nada Bindu" as well. Finding and experiencing the "Nada Bindu" inside of our soul is only possible in the state of deep silence. Then we are able to recognize ourselves, who we are and what our true purpose is.

Ancient Knowledge meets Modern Day Technology

We use laser to engrave the Sacred Geometry into optical quality fused quartz crystal.

Benefits: Sacred Geometry increases the flow of creativity, prosperity, positivity and Love. Through its highest magnetizing nature and qualities, it helps to fulfill your material or spiritual desires by blessing you powerfully with its energy.

How to Use: We encourage owners of our Technologies to carry the Crystal to work and upon returning home, place it back on top of the IQubes while de-charging their daily stress. By keeping it in your office it will enhance the positive energy fields and create a peaceful working atmosphere. It can enhance your creativity, clarity and communication. It will also help to peacefully resolve internal or group related conflicts. The energetic field that is emanated will protect your business and make your work more successful.

We highly recommend placing your Sacred Geometry crystal into a glass at night, add water and upon rising in the morning drink the water. We all know that water has memory. We will leave the potential benefits of drinking this Divinely stimulated water to your personal discovery. We have also used the Sacred Geometry crystal with coffee and tea. We recently created a beautiful 1.5 inch crystal which fits perfectly into water bottles.

Directions for Home and Office Placement: Placing the Sacred Geometry on a West or South wall of your home harmonizes, purifies and raises the vibration of the entire space. You can choose to have it in your living area, bedroom, meditation space or in your office. It has an uplifting effect wherever it is placed. Even without being aware of its unique significance, the Sacred Geometry raises the vibration and consciousness. Through its magnetizing qualities it supports everyone living or working there and blesses them with success, prosperity, abundance, wealth and health.

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3" Auto Geometry

We used clear Acrylic so your view is not restricted. Enjoy the extra energy, clarity, protection and peace of mind as you travel through life. This helps clearing any negative projected energies going through your car in traffic as well as create a perfect protection.

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3" Acrylic Crystal Mirror

Can be worn as a pendant and used as a charging plate when food or liquids are placed on top. Try a simple test for yourself. Drink some water from a glass. Then place on top of the crystal and drink again. You will immediately experience a change in taste.

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