New Egypt

New Egypt - 60x60 - Akrylic - dkr. 3.333,-

Colors of the Ancient Papyrus, true Eye of God with the Flower of Life as pupil, the Ankh for healing and protection as well as balance of masculine & feminine energies and the Pineal Gland at the bottom for the spiritual evolution. Silver glitter added.

A complete healing of the Ancient Egypt, where both light and dark were heavily present for good and bad. This extraordinary place on Earth is a key point for global transformation holding many truths about our origin and destiny throughout all times. A huge disclosure is waiting to be released from this place, where tombs have never been tombs and pyramids way older than history is telling us and with a much greater purpose. May all living Gods heal and bless Egypt and revive its greatness for the benefit of Mother Earth Gaia and all living sovereign human beings.

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