Bee World

Bee World - 80x80 - Acryl - dkr. 3.333,-

It started with I saw pineapple all the time. Then I went closer into the pineapple's geometry and I heard a bee's humming. I looked for the bee, but there was none. I continued my research in the world of geometry, and a bee hummed up again at my ear. I did not find any bee. Next, it was just in front of me in a blown up size. Upon further research, I realized that pineapples and bees use the same geometry. And then the spirit of the bees began to work through me - a kind of trance. Subsequently, I see that there are 33 cubes (the master figure for I AM "God"). 6-pointed star (and cube) in the middle is the actual hive (main geometry). Then I was told that bees do not fly randomly but follow very precise "lines" and should fly to and from the hive in 12 directions with 6 bees in each. Subsequently, I recognize that there are 12 x 6 = 72 bees that are active in the painting (72 is another masternumber and, in addition, the number of GOD's names in Hebrew as Christ spoke). The bright cream-colored cubes bubble lightly and are the honey, we scratch off the plates in the beehives.

A few days after the painting was finished, physical bees were humming like never before. There was a clear attraction. Even the neighbors said they had bees like never before. I have now invested in a bee-hotel and learned a lot about the world of bees and their significance for our and the earth's survival. There are 25,000 known bees, of which 90% are not social honey bees, but single bees and important pollinators. The female bees of these single breeds make sure to find housing for their bee babies, collect food etc. - thus doing all the work on their own, and they die after delivery, so a safe place for the babies to grow up on their own is imperative. These pollinators are vital for fruit trees and berry bushes to yield fruit, etc., and they will typically be called wall-bees, as they then choose cracks and holes in our houses to live in, raise or simply rest. These bees are heavily threatened by poison like pesticides, and we MUST go to action NOW to preserve them. They can not fly over long distances without rest, and if they do not find a resting place, they die. Therefore, the removal of many natural fences between fields, so those have become enormous and industrially adapted, as well as the spraying with pesticides, caused a huge decline of the bees becoming exhausted over long stretches without a place to rest (fence). Therefore, it is highly recommended to set up a hotel to preserve our beers, and with a bee-hotel we also keep them out of our walls.










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