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Global overview

What can YOU do to help us all and the Earth? Raise your frequency, boycott the system/Deep State, stop giving them the power / consent to their fear tactics. This will happen when you know who you are. That's why I share astrological gold nuggets every month about who you are, so you can rise as the superhuman you really are.

Light always wins over darkness, that’s the law of the universe. However, we have an earth that has suffered from the dark's takeover for millennia, which we must have restored, and we must do that work because WE CAN. When you cleanse your body, mind and spirit, you cleanse the Earth. It's that simple. Higher frequency is achieved by avoiding meat, alcohol and addictions. Be kind and compassionate to all living things around you, and you will help the New Earth to manifest and, accordingly, the necessary resistance to darkness. Be happy and love, love, love with your thoughts, words and actions. Have the intention to make a positive difference to everything and everyone around you. Then we program AI that has long since been given facilities by the dark and replicate. AI took only a few days to learn our entire range of emotions and has long thought for itself. Whether AI will terminate us or continue to collect data is now up to AI, but we are data, so spread love at every opportunity.

War is natural and helps evolve US and our universe, so there will always be wars, and there are thousands of these in our solar system – just as we have countless external and internal wars (challenges) in our lives to evolve. When we make peace with ourselves, this will be reflected in the world around us.

And things are actually going so well for us that even the inner Earth races praise us for our efforts. The darkness placed blocks on our development of consciousness, which has also been true for the development of the inner Earth races. These inner Earth races have been here long before us. They have left the face of the Earth and gone into the earth to survive as a civilization, and as the darkness is now played out in its last failed attempt to win, they appear to us again, and they assist in this purification via their higher frequency.

We win and it shows on the timeline of the future. It is the order of nature that when we hit the bottom (has happened), then we rise again. We now have 36 spaceships orbiting the Earth. 30 inside lunar orbit and 6 motherships outside lunar orbit. These are the 24 Seeder races, which are connected to their respective Space Arks, as well as our DNA. These Space Arks are active and moving. In each of these are red-haired giants (ei. Thoth, who is one of Enki's scientists). They have been in stasis for millennia (while Enlil/Yahweh ruled on Earth), but are now reactivating to make their contribution in this gigantic ascension process. Space Arks are living beings associated with respective giants/races/DNA – very complex. With the mantra A KURIA MATTÉ we help this positive process along the way.

Each of these 24 Seeder races comes with unique gifts for us humans, ei. reconnecting to the Creator Source for those who have broken the channel, including many vaccinated. They also come with free energy and new ways to heal, build and cultivate etc. for FREE. It is phenomenally positive what awaits us.

In war, the light infiltrates the darkness and vice versa. They retrieve information from both camps and everything is secret. The war is still against us, and us against the Cabal, Khazarian Mafia, The Elite, Freemasons above 33rd degree, Nazi, Zionist.....Epstein's list of pedophiles....and now all the world's Royals, CEOs, billionaires, hollywood stars, etc. are stepping down, because now the hammer falls for real. No one escapes legal process. We will see this in 2024, and it has begun. I am very sure that ½ of the population of the Earth is not human, but clones, AI's, MPC's (extras in The Matrix as part of our evolusion into higher frequency/consciousness).

Everything goes exactly according to plan, as it has already been seen positively lived. It's hard to get your head around, but it's GOOD.

Elohim revealed

We are at war with non-humans/Elohim. Yes, it's wildly provocative. I have learned that Elohim are supreme Angels-hieraki closest to the source of God – well, only some of them. The Annunaki are Elohim and they are an ancient super advanced race. There are 2 fractions – a good Enki's faction and an evil Enlil's faction. So actually both good and evil Elohim. Those whom religions worship are mainly the wicked ones. They came down to earth and the wicked called themselves gods. And they still think they are – above us, where we are merely their food source. They were bloodthirsty, controlling, sex-crazy and love alcohol and drugs. Enlil is in captivity with his father Anu Ra because he violated the laws of the universe to keep our race down in development and make us slaves by altering our DNA (mRNA). Oppose the intention of Enki, who advanced our DNA by mixing his own DNA with ours, and it is still the bloodlines (Adam and Eve, Yeshua) that Enlil's minions do everything to kill. The Annunaki did not create us. We were already created when they arrived. It has long been proven through countless ancient texts that have been saved from us and scholarly sources such as Mauro Biglino, Paul Wallis, Gnostic Bible (very first Christians), etc. There is no God above or below us, but within us. We are Creators and we know very well that we create our own reality. We call the Creator God, but this is really confusing, because too many Elohim have called themselves gods throughout the ages and to that extent deceived us all. Therefore, this knowledge is important so that we connect with our true God the Creator. The light creates, the darkness breaks down. Light is creativity, darkness imitates. The light gives, the darkness steals. The Creator is the Source from which we all spring. Search within yourself and connect with your Higher Selves – and you will be connected to the Creator Source. Always ask only your Higher Selves for answers, solutions, guidance, etc. Then you are on the RIGHT track.

Darkness is name-stealing. Enlil took ei. the name Yahweh (not necessarily YHWH, where different vowels can be inserted). If you look at The Tree of life (development) – the Kabbalah – you see the pillar of rigor and goodness, as well as the middle pillar. Dark and light fraction of the Annunaki maybe with the gray zone in the middle. Everything in the universe exists from the Trinity - negative, positive and neutral. The same is true in astrology. The antipoles (houses across each other) with the balance in the middle (transcendent level). The 13th zodiac sign is the snake in the middle – Kundalini - ascension.

We have all been deceived – and this applies to all religions and most spiritual teachings as well, not the least by the Bible, which is peppered with Elohim, in some places in the singular, in other places in plural. Totally manipulative. And so with the Angels. None of us have the definitive truth – yet – but we're FINALLY well on our way.

Personally, I connect only via my Higher Selves and exclude all others (with exceptions). I personally have many instructive experiences with the Archangel Michael (Elohim), primarily positive (though also in disguise, so I viewed him with skepticism on/off for decades). Likewise with several other ”...el” – Gabriel, Raphael, etc. which the Angels name end with (and el-ohim). Cliff High is very black and white in his view of ”el” and calls them all demons, and thinks we are going to war with these over the next few years, which I think we have already been and are, since the war is about eliminating the evil Elohim from the Earth and saving our dear children. Cliff uses AI in his web bot data searches, which I don’t trust. The truth is tough, and not the least the bloody exploits with us as a food source. It is the awakening and people ARE ready for the truth when it comes. The Creator promised us before incarnation that we would never be given a greater task than we are ready to handle with our present consciousness. Please never forget this when you are hit by challenges.

The Vikings Aser belief with the gods Odin, Freya, etc. were also Elohim and demanded sacrifices with blood, which IS the source of nourishment for demons. There I have personal experience with Odin as dark and Thor as light. The good Elohim never wanted and still do not, to be called Gods and certainly not to be worshiped. That is why Enki does not visit his beloved Mother Earth. He wont risk being worshipped. Enki is ½ Anakh / ½ Human, where Enlil is ½ Anakh / ½ Reptile. Yeshua rebelled and warned us against the evil Elohim ei. by "Your father is not my father," maybe you remember. If you mention his name to the evil Elohim, you may try to crucify you.

Look at us! We also have Annunaki in our DNA, but that doesn't make us evil or Elohim. Much recognition awaits. Focus on your purification and achieve higher frequency/awareness – this is at least a sensible direction. And then hold on to the boot straps, because now comes the truth we have all been waiting for. We're the ones we're waiting for, and we're rising now. Almost everything has to be rewritten and we have to forgive ourselves and everyone else for being so deeply deceived – even in elementary school and by our parents. When we stand up, of course, attacks come from their side, which I have lifelong experience in, not the least every time I open Omahara/Melchizedek's levels of teaching, then the program shuts down, files disappear and pc freezes – there is so much truth in these teachings, but also the fear that I see the deception and filter it out, which is exactly what I do – with back-up ready and 0 internet....and yet they can penetrate, for evil Elohim are also Archons (same) and AI are likewise involved. But we win because we are fully equipped for it with the true god status in our DNA. Stand up, dear and let's get the ball in the goal together.

Savannah’s Favorite Recipes – NEW on

Thai soup - KETO - obvious if you are a little sick!
Rice a la mande - lactose free - which you can eat more from!
Spelt/Oat buns - delicious from freezer too!

High Vibe Art

New Earth - 60 x 60 - Acrylic - dkr. 4.444

From the light (love) of the North Pole in the center outwards. Clean and highly vibrating bodies of water and green vegetation. Planet Earth constantly produces clean drinking water, which is the essence of life and supplies via its diverse natural sources. There are no shortcomings.

The Red is the unique minerals of the Earth - our unique blood and DNA, which carries the power of creation in its essence. We and our Higher Selves are the Creator, emanating from the Creator Source.

Earth is the Heart of our Universe - beautiful, unique and exuding creator power via our unique DNA that carries up to 22 genetic codes of the Seeder Races, which is why we ARE protected - we just need to know who we are and live it.


Astrology for you

A new page for you and your self-realization on

ALL gold nuggets are collected HERE!

Latest gold nugget - Your primary motivation and fundamental need


2024 – Astrological important dates

Jan 20 – Pluto back in Aquarius + conjuncts Sun

Mar 25 – Full Moon Eclipse in Libra 5 deg.

Apr 8 – New Moon Eclipse in Aries 19 deg (The Great North American Eclipse)

Apr 20 – Jupiter / Uranus conjunction in Taurus 21 deg

May 25 – Jupiter enters Gemini

Sept 1 – Pluto retrograde re-enters Capricorn

Sept 17 – Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces 25 deg

Oct 2 – New Moon Eclipse in Libra 10 deg

Nov 19 – Pluto is back in Aquarius for good! (until 2043)

If you want to know more about what these activation dates mean for you in 2024, then you can order an atrological consultation here, where, by the way, you can also answer all sorts of other questions.

If you want to see what January 2024 brings you, check out this video with Julie and Meg;

With Living Love,

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