Newsletter 2/24 – End of Bullshit

  • Global Overview + short local experience
  • Inner Revolution + excerpt from Omahara Level 2
  • Astrology for You - The Sun & Rising Sign positive/negative expression
  • Savannah's gluten-free black-bread
  • Astrological Overview

Global Overview

We are on our way out of Kali Yuga and into the Aquarian Age. All veils disappear and everything start appearing - ET'S, spaceships, plasma, fakes, lies, truths...revelations pour forth.....all good as bad. Since 2020, the acceleration has escalated and we are now fed up and done with bullshit. Now cards become visible on the table, and this also applies in our own individual rows. There is a strong cleaning up of who feeds us and who feeds off of us. We are now better at setting boundaries and speak our truth no matter to whom and about what. So EVERYTHING is going really great - and I mean it.

Many truthers in the alternative medias are also falling prey to the massive psychological warfare of misinformation taking place, and so are we all on/off depending on our state of mind. We are flooded with psyops from both sides, dark and light, which are according to Dan Willis (one of my favorites) “Psychological operations are the planned use of propaganda and other psychological actions having the primary purpose of influencing the opinions, emotions, and attitudes to influence objective reasoning, and ultimately the perceptions of people in order to hide a hidden agenda.” What can you do to avoid this manipulation – read further! When you know yourself, nobody can cheat you. That’s your strength.

The many Space Arks on Earth are rescue ships ready to evacuate us, if we should reach the level of extinction, which is their task throughout the universe, but not before then, since wars are developing consciousness. The Galactics are constantly watching us having the overview and say that we are now on a positive and stable timeline, which is super encouraging. Can you feel it yourself? The astrology at the bottom clarifies this.

Short local experience: Here in Skarrild (small town with 350 inhabitants) all houses had a black-out Jan 7, but only in half of the individual houses and not corresponding to the electric phases??? The power plant stated a sudden error had occurred where they had had to shut down half of the power plant in 10 min, which they regretted via sms. The power outage lasted for 3½ hours (their 10 min was BS). Think..... there is only 1 electrical input to a house, so power outage from outside = no power at all. Logic for chickens. Attention! Smartmeter! They can go through these and determine exactly what they want to interrupt. They can also monitor, control, record and film via these SMART things. Everything should be SMART. And big cities in particular are in full swing becoming smart 15 minutes’ cities without public transport and similar to chicken coops, where chickens never move further away from the chicken coop, where they sleep, eat and lay eggs. SMART is not smart. It's pure NWO control agenda. Skarrild town was just a test of what they can do, but the completion of 15 minutes limited zone does not go work in the countryside, where we support each other and find solutions to everything, because that's how it has always been. Things are done together without government intervention. If you are a city dweller, ask yourself where you think you will be most comfortable in the near future.

Inner revolution

The revolution in the world is the reflection of our inner revolution. Life is about the development of consciousness. If you can't get your shadow sides and negativities under control (ei. lack of boundaries), and transcend these by inner work, then you do optimal damage to everything and everyone around you.

Turn your desire to control others (negatively) to control yourself instead (positively). Control, as with all other projected negativities, is fear-based. Your fear of losing control, which is projected as control by others, so that you yourself can feel more secure (false security). The only solution is to go inside yourself and gain control of your fears. This applies to ALL types of negative projections.

But, I have PTSD. It is an excuse/self-justification. PTSD should be called PTSI - Post Traumatic Stress Initiation. You create your own reality, so your PTSD is self-created. We all have PTSD – just at different levels. PTSD is a portal to higher consciousness.

There is only one way - inside and up! And there are countless great meditation tools, exercises, books, therapists and movies to help you get your inner self in order – physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually – yet you will only find the answer within. Tools are guidelines, but YOU HAVE TO GO THE WAY YOURSELF. Astrology is a unique tool to show you which negativities/insecurities you have to work through in this life, and also how. Buddhism is wisdom and more of a philosophy than religion and also brings workable methods.

Excerpt from Omahara Level 2 (Buddha's wisdom) - deep, so read several times!

Anamnesis is true Soul-memory, intermittent access to the Divine wisdom within every Human Being as an Immortal Being. Assuming a complex series of roles as an essential part of the endless process of learning, the Soul becomes captive recurrently to myriad forms of (maya and moha), illusion and delusion. At the same time, the Soul has the innate and inward capacity to recognize that it is more than any and all of these roles/masks. As every incarnated being manifests a poor, pale caricature of oneself – a small, self-limiting and inverted reflection of one’s inner and divine nature – the ancient doctrine of anamnesis is vital to comprehend human nature and its hidden possibilities. If one has earned this through a lifetime of meditation, one may attain at the moment of withdrawal from the body a healing awareness of the reality behind the elaborate unfolding of the Earth’s drama.

The book of life opens and you, as a human, enter into dialogue with the realms. The sealed book of your own inner-self opens when you regain the memory of your true form. The form belongs to you, it’s weaving, and its pattern is the blueprint of creation (birth chart)

Buddhism is training of the mind. It's about being fully conscious of one's own negativities and get to the bottom of those in this lifetime. Buddhism talks about 10 negativities:

Those caused by the body (with a focus on the 3. eye) as: KILLING (including insects), POOR HANDLING OF SEXUALITY (also that of flirting, if you are married or flirting with someone who is married) STEALING (also that of taking something without it being given).

Those caused by speaking as: HARSH WORDS - SLANDER (also that of destroying someone's reputation by spreading rumors), USELESS SPEAKING (speaking without the benefit or value of someone or something), SEPARATING WORDS (create discord in relations), LIE (also forwarding of not quite correct teachings)

Those caused by the mind as: IGNORANCE (also incorrectly believing that if you say there is no bad karma created by doing one or the other (self-justifying), when its actually not the truth), HATE/JALOUSIE, BAD FEELINGS (also if you just feel something bad about others).

Astrology for You

Sun and Rising Sign (Ascendant) – positive/negative expression – can pertain to both

If you find yourself in the negativities, then go within and ask your Higher Selves to assist you in changing permanently with consciousness to the positive.

If you do not know your Rising Sign/Ascendant or are missing your time of birth, write to me: and I will calculate your time of birth and send you your birth chart-wheel so that you can keep up with these powerful tools and become the best version of yourself reflected out into the world.

Below is an excerpt of your characteristics and qualities with which you identify. See them ALL HERE!

Sun or Rising Sign in Aries

Positive Negative
Quick, alert
Intuitively acting
Enthusiastic, genuine
Hasty, impatient
Boisterous, naive

Do you want your birth chart – short and good at your fingertips, then click HERE!
If you want astrological guidance, click HERE!

Savannah’s Glutenfree Black Bread - HERE!

Astrological Overview

All planets are now moving direct, so nothing is in the way until Apr 1. Pluto is now in Aquarius until Sept this year, then backs into Capricorn for the last clean-up of authorities and then in Nov forward into Aquarius for good until 2043. Pluto will until and into 2026 be on strong degrees of Aquarius = freedom & independence. Pluto in Aquarius = Peoples time, rising into own power freeing our mind. Freeing ourselves from everything ruling & enslaving us. Now governing ourselves. Elites = Deletes (I love this)

Feb 4 – Mercury enters Aquarius

Feb 9 – New Moon in Aquarius 20 deg new beginnings in the collective and our personal life in our goals, aspirations, group-associations, friends, humanitarianism, technology and relationship to the future. This New Moon is squaring Uranus (Uranus is ruling Aquarius), so this will be rapid chocking change!

Feb 10 – Lunar New Year / Year of Dragon

Feb 11 – North Node conjunct Chiron in Aries 16 deg – powerful transit for healing break-throughs for the collective and personally. Not taking peoples projections any longer – no more bullshit accepted! Core wounds addressed and healed now.

Feb 12 – Mars enters Aquarius

Feb 16 – Venus enters Aquarius

Feb 18 – Sun enters Pisces

Feb 22 – Mercury enters Pisces

Feb 24 – Full Moon in Virgo 5 deg – Sobering moment. Cleansing of the physical body, again healing break-throughs.

Feb 28 – Mercury Cazimi (meaning Mercury is full conjunct the Sun) in Pisces

Highly recommended: Megs Astro Woo for February + your astrological sign with emphasize on your Rising sign and Sun sign….and the more psychological aspect which is your Moon sign. Completely FREE and super good astrological knowledge on this link: - thank you Meg

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