True Awakening

Omahara/Melchizedek = tools for Ascension that only happens by awakening/activating the potentials of your DNA. Omahara/Melchizedek gives you all necessary tools at your fingertips to walk the path (Dharma) and stay in 5. dimension of pure love and beyond, with full self-mastery of higher consciousness living & learning. It is also the awareness and foundation […]

Astro News 11-18-2021

Astro news 11-18-2021 The Full Moon in Taurus now Friday the 19th of November is very strong, and I recommend meditating to this, because now is the time for spiritual ascension. This Full Moon is so strong that you’ve probably felt the energy of it this whole week. It activates a major shift, which will […]

Astrology Teaching

2 in 1 – Teachings + Reading This course is creatively visual and brings you to the level of being able to make other people’s charts, as well as understanding your own and not the least all the many astrological terms so you know what is being talked about and can be enriched thereby and […]


Healing includes the removal of demons, negative AI creatures, nanoparticles, unhealthy attachments, etc. Savannah often guides and tones as she heals, so you learn tools to keep yourself healthy. 2 hours – dkr. 800,- Time for session – contact: Savannah –

FREE guided meditation / DNA-activation

The Infinity Living Master Creative Symbol and activation of the Grail Codes and Twin Flame Love This is an excerpt of Omahara Level 1. If you want more – go to this FREE Self-study. If it resonates this could be your call from God! Guided meditation / DNA-activation HERE! The intro-read is recommended before enjoying the […]

Omahara – Opstigning

Powerful tools for Ascension! 6th-8th of Aug. & 23rd-26th of Sept. 2021 7 full days from 7am-2pm PDT (9 hours behind Denmark) FREE Intro DNA-activation online on the 22nd of July – contact us: if interested. If this Self-study resonates, then you are too called upon by Living God. It is more important than […]

Astrological Insight June 2020

We’re all pretty desperate to hear something positive about what’s happening in the world to our advantage. Many planets are currently retrograde, such as Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Venus, and Mercury. So the energy of all these is introverted at the moment, meaning a LOT is going on behind the scenes, but not revealed in the […]

Sovereignty Advisory Consultant

– to freedom by publishing under Common Law Court – making of important documents – action toward letters from the public – action toward penalties, etc. – avoid vaccination and know your rights, etc. >> most can be done over zoom online <<< Contact Savannah: Price for this service per hour: dkr. 300,-