Astrology for You

Click on the gold nuggets for you below and a pdf will open – please enjoy your self-realization! It is important you have your horoscope wheel so that you know your Rising sign, Sun, Moon, etc. Contact Savannah: if you want to have your overview at hand. Astrology for You – overview of the […]

Newsletter 2/24 – End of Bullshit

Global Overview + short local experience Inner Revolution + excerpt from Omahara Level 2 Astrology for You – The Sun & Rising Sign positive/negative expression Savannah’s gluten-free black-bread Astrological Overview Global Overview We are on our way out of Kali Yuga and into the Aquarian Age. All veils disappear and everything start appearing – ET’S, […]

Newsletter 1/24 – Finally the Truth comes

Global overview Elohim revealed Savannah’s Favorite Recipes – NEW page High Vibe Art – New Earth Astrology for you – gold nuggets – NEW page 2024 – astrological important dates Global overview What can YOU do to help us all and the Earth? Raise your frequency, boycott the system/Deep State, stop giving them the power […]

New Earth

New Earth – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 4.444 From the light (love) of the North Pole in the center outwards. Clean and highly vibrating bodies of water and green vegetation. Planet Earth constantly produces clean drinking water, which is the essence of life and supplies via its diverse natural sources. There are […]

Newsletter 12/23 – Initiation before 2024

Global overview The Moon – shadow work for you! High Vibe Art – new page Astrological overview Global overview Since the Full Moon the 27th of Now followed by Solar storm most of us are challenged to the limit of surrender – physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually – and are pushed to acknowledge and finally […]

Newsletter 11/23 – Peace is the Future

Universal scenario overview New high Vibe Art in the works Your Ascendant/Rising sign shows your greatest fear, which is reversed by acquaintance Astrological overview Universal scenario overview Whos side are you going to be on in this war? No side. Only the people, my dear ones, and so otherwise stay focused on peace and vibrate […]

Invinsible Nature

Invinsible Nature – 60 x 60 – acrylic  -dkr. 3.333 In honor of the impact of Nature – Plants and trees that break through and grow in the most impossible places. Nature never gives up! We humans need to remember and learn from that.