Newsletter 12/23 – Initiation before 2024

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Global overview

Since the Full Moon the 27th of Now followed by Solar storm most of us are challenged to the limit of surrender - physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually - and are pushed to acknowledge and finally ’leave’ those or things that cause us pain, make us sick, and take us away from what we really want was reality. Problems with water, heat or electricity, coughs, fever, headache, dizziness, pain in general, things break down and expenses pour in. The initiation is a DNA upgrade, and you are encouraged to expand your consciousness in tandem with it. This is also happening globally with multiple revelations. Know that you never experience more than your current consciousness can handle. Also know that you yourself have chosen to be an active participant in the shift on Earth now to new reality – depending on what you choose to focus on. Everything is in the present. We are strongly encouraged to close our eyes, go into ourselves and visualize (manifest) what we want, be it career, job, relationship, housing, health....whatever - and do this daily as a habit.

When an unwanted situation arises, ask your Higher Selves for help / solution (also when you need healing) and then focus on what you want. Practice makes mastery. As you experience how you create/control your own reality, you strengthen your confidence in the creator, in yourself and the magical being that you are. All trials are pushing for your expansion of consciousness, which you ARE ready to deal with. Don't give up and become a victim, but ride the wave and give it up to your Higher Selves. You are in Avatar body here, so you can easily be assisted, but you have to ASK FOR HELP and with what.

This shift of reality comes in 2024, when the polarity/split becomes extreme. It is an 8 year and brings abundance on countless plans. The important thing is not to have any fear and panic, because then you manifest more of what you fear. You are a soul who has a human experience to expand your consciousness. Welcome and go through it with kind reaction/clear boundaries and take care of yourself (strengthen self-worth). You must be the one who controls YOUR life. It's important. Please check out my last newsletter 11/23 so that you can knowingly free yourself of your fundamental fears – knowledge makes it!

We humans are WINNNING on Earth, because we are awakening to our divine abilities. The darkness clears out and the light wins in. We have created the scenario ourselves, and now clearly see what is not working, so that we can create what we want for both now and the future. People are waking up en masse now and at high speed, so be ready for a Christmas with more awakened family members, even those you never imagined.

Space Arks, UFO's and ET disclosure are underway (as I have described in previous newsletters how ET's have given the disclosure plan to the US military) and the Kabale can do nothing to stop it, which is why they are exploiting the scenario to their advantage by sending out fears about the Alien invasion, Project Blue Beam, creating loosh which feeds them.

ET's are here and contact is underway. It typically occurs first through dreams and out of the corner of the eye before becoming physical and is not fearsome. Be healthy skeptical, but know that over 80% of these encounters are positive.

In order to ride the wave best and set ourselves free of The Matrix, it is important to know what we are encouraged to develop.

Can you imagine that the Moon is a satellite and brought into orbit around the Earth, to influence the tides? We are primarily made up of water. Before the Moon came, we were “Neanderthals” without emotions / feelings. Your Moon sign arose and the development of psychic abilities, access to past lives, the subconscious and even unconscious. The hidden. We have been taken over by the Cabal for millennia (Enlil/dark Annunaki faction), who have technology and are experts in taking over planets and their beings. Our future self, our higher self, helps us awaken our senses (the Moon) so that we re-win our planet. This is also our own created reality, in which we decide every second what we want to do (support) and how we want to react (give consent or not).

The veil or plate in front of the Moon is to control the speed of our evolution and this is being lifted, so we are on a splendid journey now. Whether you go lunatic is up to you. Once the Moon was green, now it is gray / white. If you shine on a sphere, it is blurred at the edges, our Moon is not, it is razor-sharp to the very edge of the plate. The disclosure of the moon comes when we are ready for this knowledge.

Here are astrological facts about what your Moon encourages you to develop:

Moon – shadow work

Sets you FREE of the Matrix.

Chakra above the Crown, color silver connected to the Akashic Records

Your Moon sign is the hardest shadow work you’ll have to do in this lifetime but also holds the potential for your most powerful psychic gifts.

  • Not everybody will be able to express the full potential of their Moon Sign because you first have to work on yourself and do some shadow work in order to unlock its power
  • Many people believe the Moon has been placed on the orbit of Earth artificially – I believe it was made (brought in) in order to make our awadening harder / so we had no choice but to get out of the illusions of the Matrix first before we could access our psychic abilities
  • Psychologists work with the Moon sign (whether they know it or not). How you react/respond emotionally.
  • Moon = Intuition / Unconscious
  • Everybody has psychic abilities but we all have different strengths and unique skills to bring to the collective

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High Vibe Art

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Astrological Overview

Dec 6 – Neptune direct at 24 deg Pisces: spiritual clarity/breakthrough, meditate

Dec 12New Moon at 20 deg Sagittarius: New travel project, exploring something new, going away to be active (Mars), new legal actions, group class action against drugs or medical treatments (square to Neptune)

New Moon conjuncts Mars: feeling energized, motivated, driven to start something new, discovering something new, experiencing newness, new opportunity to take action on something you desire.

Jupiter/Venus opposition (financial axis): watch out for excesses, overspending, over-indulging, obsessions, unrealistic approach to money, risky investments (Venus in Scorpio in weak position)

Jupiter/Mercury trine – Mercury is stationing to go retrograde at 8 deg (Scorpio deg): truth coming out, uncovering useful information, seeing the future clearly and making plans (wait with implementation until after Mercury goes direct)

Dec 13-23 – Mercury retrograde in Capricorn: reviewing work documents, legal information, business contracts, reviewing plans, updating official documents.

Dec 21 – Solstice + Capricorn Season – recommended to take a break from online, meditate, enjoy life instead and the much lighter energies for this Christmas compared to the last several months.

Dec 22 – Mercury retrograde cazimi on 0 deg Capricorn: Insights about the past, truths revealed, revelations around big corporations/governments, getting clarity on strategies/plans/business strategies, authority figures, father figure

Venus/Uranus opposition: Sudden transformations may occur physically or emotionally

Dec 23 - Jan 1 – Mercury retrograde re-enters Sagittarius: Reviewing plans, travel plans, learning or teaching strategies, getting up to date with teachings/learnings.

Dec 26 – Full Moon at 4 deg Cancer + Chiron direct: Very healing New Moon, staying home to recharge, heal, regenerating your energy with family or the people you love. Time to relax, process emotions, heal, focusing on emotional fulfillment/love/affection. Blessings and beautiful surprises. Taking a well-deserved Break! Soulmate energy/unconditional love.

Dec 27 – Mercury Retrograde conjunct Mars: Taking action on past subjects/information you missed, themes coming up from the past, getting up to date.

Mercury Retrograde square Neptune: Don’t worry so much about what’s in the news – it could be very misleading, travel issues and delays can be expected.

Dec 30 – Jupiter direct at 5 deg Taurus: Better energy now going forward both financially and in your body

Jan 1 – Mercury direct at 22 deg Sagittarius: Judgement for some bad elements

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Blessings with much love


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