Newsletter 11/23 – Peace is the Future

  • Universal scenario overview
  • New high Vibe Art in the works
  • Your Ascendant/Rising sign shows your greatest fear, which is reversed by acquaintance
  • Astrological overview

Universal scenario overview

Whos side are you going to be on in this war? No side. Only the people, my dear ones, and so otherwise stay focused on peace and vibrate peace out to everything and everyone. We humans are psychic forces without equal, so use your abilities and help the peace on its way daily with your thought intentions projected out. Lead as the best example. The Peace has been agreed with in the Jupiter Accords, which now has 30+ countries from Earth included in the agreement. The dark faction of China, of course, wants to create its own space station and desperately tries to get more countries on their agenda, but it fails. Our galactic friends from the Galactic Federation of Worlds, The Intergalactic Confederation, etc. is building a hub/space station at the portal behind Jupiter that everyone from outside has to go through to interact with us on Earth. The Earth Alliance, the White Hats / Terrans, is in control. Know that we Terrans are the most indigenous specie in this Galaxy.

Countless of spaceships are waiting to come in and buy/trade/exchange goods with us now that the Ciakarrh and the Draco Empire are gone from Earth. They have been waiting for this golden opportunity for millennia. The wars now are about getting the remnants of the Cabal rounded up so we can get our peace and freedom back. And this hub at Jupiter will take care of the certainty that only the benefic will have a chance to interact and trade with us. There is a huge need for this Hub, which can be expanded in line with the number of visitors, which is rapidly increasing.

However, there will always be dark beings who will try to get through the portal? They will be traced and destroyed immediately, for now our galaxy's most evolved and most feared beings Negumak has become members of the Galactic Federation of Worlds. I have mentioned in previous newsletter that they were offered this membership but would think about it. They are invincible, so our future security is now in place. Negumak Gnomopo has fought the Ciakarrh Empire before - both on Earth and other planets, as Mars, where Negumak had a base, which, however, they left again after the battle with Ciakarrh there. The Moon, Mars and Earth have been completely taken over, but are now liberated. Only weaker minions left to exterminate. All portals and stargates are also being monitored now so our sector of the galaxy is under control.

The Hub at the portal behind Jupiter will be open for visits – including by us humans, as soon as we finish the war in our own ranks. The Hub is fully completed in 1-2 years. All the countries that have signed up to the Jupiter Accord will have access to this Hub, which offers entertainment, enjoyment, sale/purchase, etc. The Deep state has no access. It will roll in with advanced technology from across the universe and our development will expand explosively – flying cars, flying cities, etc.

Know that anything that does not serve our best will go down – including most major banks, insurance companies, food industries, chain stores, Big There are back-up systems in place, so no panic. Everything is planned in our favor, because we have been through enough. Eat only organic, preferably kernel and gluten-free, have silver/gold as your own back-up and, if possible, only use cash when shopping in non-Cabal owned stores. Do your own research. And also avoid paying taxes as far as possible, as it is money in the pockets of the Cabal and prolongs the war. Be kind. Thus, you will make the biggest positive difference to everything and everyone.

New High Vibe Art at work

Paint, paint, paint, my guides say again and again, because out into the world the creation must go, as it makes an important positive energy difference and activates DNA. I also make personal paintings based on astrology and numerology and/or in the colors/patterns you want, be it abstract, mandala, etc.

See all of Savannah's photos HERE.






Your Ascendant shows your greatest fear, which is reversed by acquaintance

Your Ascendant/Rising sign shows your greatest fear/challenge, which lays the bottom line for all other fears in this life. Knowing this fundamental fear is the first step to overcoming it. Delve into thinking about, seeing, feeling and recognizing this bottom line in all the situations in which you were afraid. Be aware that many times you defend yourself, project, go crazy, isolate yourself, get sick, etc., which also indicates fear. Once you have freed yourself from the fear shown below, you will overcome all other aspects of fear with greater ease.

The Ascendant is determined by what time you are born – so this is important to have correctly.

Your fundamental fears with the Ascendant/Rising sign in:

Aries: Restriction – the act of being held back

Taurus: Losing money, stability and security

Gemini: not knowing enough and losing the ability to communicate and move freely

Cancer: Losing home and family, but also the feeling of being ridiculed, made fun of

Leo: To lose the passion and the so-called spark, because then you are on the verge of giving up and then go into fear with ease.

Virgo: Not being perfect enough.

Libra: Innate fear of not being good enough in relationships

Scorpio: Never being good enough

Sagittarius: Feeling trapped

Capricorn: Not being able to see the goal

Aquarius: Being denied your freedom to be different, depriving you of the opportunity to be curious and innovative/inventive

Pisces: That everyone's problems are yours

Astrological Overview

Nov 3 – Sun opposes Jupiter / Venus opposes Neptune

Nov 4 – Saturn turns direct in 0 deg of Pisces (very strong deg) – avoid making big decisions at this start of month until the 6th

Nov 6 – Venus (100% strong in its own sign of Libra) trines Pluto – good date for making financial decisions or romance

Nov 11 – Mars (100% strong in its own sign of Scorpio) opposes Uranus – shaky period now until the 15th

Nov 13 – New Moon in Scorpio 20 deg. conjunct Mars opposing Uranus – very intense, rebel energies, strenght, wanting to change things, confronted with something totally unexpected and you have to take action. Revelations of some creepy dark things that may shock you/news shaking up your sense of security. Scorpio is digging up secrets, fears deep hidden, into the light of the Sun – transformation, death & rebirth. Important actions and decisions to make- great for taking actions with monew, banking too. Drastic new beginings. Drastic changes and upheavals. Cutting off toxicity and toxic relationships.
New Moon trins Neptine, so be like water and flow, accept change. Be flexible and trust your intuition.

Nov  18 – Sun conjuncts Mars on 26 deg of Scorpio (Cazimi = conjunction on deg of the Sun) – empowerment, action, being bold, moving forward, DAY OF MAJOR BREAKTHROUGHS if you utilize this wave of empowerment in the house/area, where you have Scorpio in your birth chart.

Nov 22 – Sagittarius Season begins

Nov 25 – Mars squares Saturn – always bring difficulties

Nov 27 – Full Moon in Gemini 4 deg. opposed Sun conjunct Mars in Sagittarius and T-square with Saturn on 0 deg Pisces – very emotional intensity – not an easy ride. Gemini is communication, social media (more censorship), siblings, close surroundings. There will be new rules/propagande/scare tactics from power structures we have to deal with the Saturian way with discipline, perseverance, structure, being organized. Deception/illusions/Health fake crisis! Stock up on vitamins, boost your immunesystem and do detox (contact Savannah for effective detox capsules:

If you want to hear/learn more about your astrology for this month, then listen to your Ascendant/Rising sign and then your Sun sign:

Blessings of peace, health and prosperity,

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