Invinsible Nature

Invinsible Nature – 60 x 60 – acrylic  -dkr. 3.333 In honor of the impact of Nature – Plants and trees that break through and grow in the most impossible places. Nature never gives up! We humans need to remember and learn from that.                    

God Download-Upload

God Download Upload – 80 x 100 – Acrylic and stones – SOLD This painting was in order. No colors – just abstract. Without me knowing God came through in Arabic. The owner happens to be Muslim and love the painting. Well…..coincidences certainly don’t exist.            

Nature Law Permeating

Nature Law Permeating – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 1776 No coincidences! The Constitutional Law is the Natural Law and it shines through with the power of the will – our power by our DNA and thus our freedom                          

Newsletter 10/23 – Mega Weird

Brief scenario overview Space Arks activated – great importance! People disappearing Good to know astrologically Astrological overview Brief scenario overview Events escalate globally – weather, health, prices (except Coke and booze!)….. Every time you see a terrifying message in the media, especially with words like strong storm (= hurricane), plummets in temperatures (= usually autumn), […]

Newsletter 9/23 – Cake in the Shit

Content: Bank transfers – good to know Maui is important as example Ayahuasca Ceremony Protection – Gamma – Clearing demons Your Astrological Wheel with explanation is offered Astrological Overview Bank transfers – good to know Depending on which country you are in, but in Europe If you need to receive an amount greater than $2000 […]

Newsletter 8/23 – True light in sight

Content: Global overview Imagination is a sign of intelligence Densities on Earth A Split of Consciousness Ayahuasca with proff guidance Your numerology Astrological Overview (images from Keys of the Archturians by Janosh) Global overview At this Full Moon in Aquarius (light on and for Humanity) Putin announces publicly that NWO/Deep State has collapsed, has failed due […]

Newsletter 7/23 – Choose The Constructive

It takes days to write these newsletters, because Word locks and everything saved disappears and I can start over. This only happens when I write newsletters to you. My task is to provide relevant knowledge and tools for Ascension based on astrology and the Melchizedek Method. Some will without doubt prevent these from coming out […]

Newsletter 6/23 – Parasites – Recognize them!

Consent: Herbal First Aid 15th of July – registration is NOW Heart Opening with Ayahuasca 20th – 22nd of October Scanning and healing by Medical Intuitive Owen James 18th & 19th of October Parasites are the cause of for example cancer Astrological Overview Herbal First Aid Get the herbs ready against daily ailments and as […]

Newsletter 5/23 – Galactic Rise

Content: Negumak – advanced insectoids Galactic Overview Summary Orbs at war 6 positive motherships around the Earth Who is Jesus / Yeshua? Astrological overview Correction from last Newsletter 4/23: The Negumak, who protect our Earth from malicious intrusion, ARE insectoids, however completely unique, from Antares, 6 m tall and the only race that the Draco-Reptilians […]