Newsletter 4/23 – War Creates Balance

Normally I avoid sharing newsletter when Mercury is retrograde, but there is important info that you should know. Content: A galactic war is coming You are awakened for your purpose Astrological overview Galactic war is coming Galactic war is coming, and it is inevitable. This war will involve everything and everyone in our solar system, […]

Newsletter 3/23 – The Decisive Battle

Information is based on astrology. There is a lot of change now and in near future. Content: Astrological overview Banking solution Watch history repeat itself UFO disclosure is imminent Astrological overview: 6th of April – Full moon in Libra – disruption of our old security values. This Full Moon activates us for the axis shift […]

News 2/23 – Witch Hunt and you are the witch

Disclosure is imperative for humanity – knowing who we are, what we can do and what our purpose are. Once again I try to deliver lots of important knowledge as short as possible. Content: Consciousness History – now as past Aliens amongst us Solar Flares/Flash is not a threat Dreams manifesting Your DNA according to […]

News 1/23 – Hearts in Focus

Content: What happens to the hearts Other races on Earth Negative ET’s are gone Order of the universe DNA activation Mantra for the heart Omahara Level 1 in May 2023 Astro overview All planets are now moving direct until the 21st of April. It can feel like everything is tumbling in from every direction, so […]

Empowering Knowledge 22/23

Hold on to the bootstraps with these news….. Content: No ascension to 5D+ without opposition Our Earth Terra is terra-formed for us Terrans Who is Annunaki / Thoth / Melchizedek What is the war about – overall! Giants in Space Ark’s are in process of waking up Enki / Prince Ea has returned with our […]

Astro, Silver and Insects

The New Moon in Leo on the 28th of July activate fire, creativity, ego will for good or bad. Do whatever makes you happy and avoid being drawn into the world drama. Let go and let God (Your Higher Selves). Easier said than done, yes, even for myself, since I feel everything that is going […]

Astrological Rapport

Birth Chart – Short & Good Basic principles, concrete & transcendent way to soul’s liberation Approx. 30 pages, manually made A must for ALL incl. parents with knowledge in how to meet their child emotionally, so they are best equipped to fulfill their child’s needs. Containing description of the primary motivation in life, fate/destiny, love, […]

Numerology Rapport

Numerological Report Description of your primary figures Your life-path from start to end Challenges and potentials The mask, you carry The Love, that matches Health Work/Career Your names match with your life-purpose Exercises to become the best version of yourself Dkr. 700,- This handmade report comes as a pdf in your mail as soon as […]

News from Omahara

I’m so-called shadow-banned everywhere, so I can’t share openly what’s going on in the world and what we can expect, either on Facebook, the website, YouTube, Rumble, etc. or in this newsletter. I’m under surveillance and immediately shut down everywhere. Therefore, I have created a channel on Telegram: – please follow me there and […]