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The New Moon in Taurus today the 30st of April will initiate the manifestation of all your visualized desires, so think carefully – be positive and in the present. The global economic collapse with the fall of the petrodollar is going to affect us all and is now being activated visibly for everyone, even though […]

Mother Nature Revived

Mother Nature Revived – 80×60 – Acrylic – SOLD From the precious metals deep underground/in deep space, the sacred geometries appear as the Creators creating all there is – Flower of Life is the main geometry of all creation. The Star Tetrahedron as our inter-dimensional vehicle. The Phi Ratio/Golden Mean spiral forming everything. The Shri […]

Stargate to a Peaceful World

Stargate to a Peaceful World – 20×20- Acrylic – dkr. 888,- 9-pointed star in which there is a 12-pointed star with an Alpha-Phi-Omega Spiral in the center. Genuine high quality green turquoise crystals from Tibet are affixed. It takes an awakened DNA to meditate on this image that opens a Stargate to a Peaceful World – […]

New Egypt

New Egypt – 60×60 – Akrylic – dkr. 3.333,- Colors of the Ancient Papyrus, true Eye of God with the Flower of Life as pupil, the Ankh for healing and protection as well as balance of masculine & feminine energies and the Pineal Gland at the bottom for the spiritual evolution. Silver glitter added. A […]

Electric Sun

Electric Sun – 20×20 – Acrylic – dkr. 555,- Our Sun is not hot as we think. It becomes warmer, moving further away from it – of course, to a certain extend. The Sun is electrically charged and also charged with truths that still need to be disclosed. The Sun is not what we are told […]