Astrology Teaching

2 in 1 - Teachings + Reading

This course is creatively visual and brings you to the level of being able to make other people's charts, as well as understanding your own and not the least all the many astrological terms so you know what is being talked about and can be enriched thereby and even know what comes in the future of yours and others. It's super informative and transformative.

This Astro course includes reading of your birth chart – with correction of birth time, where your 7 major planets Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury as well as The Ascendant, Moon Nodes and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is clarified + the aspects, transcendent potential as well as visual design of the universe, etc. – concrete tools for lifetime!

Start: 19th of October 2021

WEBINAR - 8 x 2½ hours from 7:00-9:30 pm Copenhagen time

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