Astrology Teachings

Self-realization and Soul Liberation with Quantum Leaps!

This Astrology is the key to alchemy (transformation), which is the key to magic (freedom).

You will acquire the knowledge of the Universe from inside out, so you can assist your self as well as others

Next start: 2022 - once a week for 8 weeks - ask Savannah for dates!

2 in 1 - Teachings + Reading

Basic Principles and concrete path to Soul Liberation
(beginners and trained)

WEBINAR - 8 x 2½ hours from 7:00-9:30 pm Copenhagen time - contact Savannah on mail below - for the total of dkr. 3.600,- Go to shop

This course is creatively visual and brings you to the level of being able to make other people's charts, as well as understanding your own and not the least all the many astrological terms so you know what is being talked about and can be enriched thereby and even know what comes in the future of yours and others. It's super informative and transformative.

This Astro course includes reading of your birth chart – with correction of birth time, where your 7 major planets Sun, Moon, Saturn, Mars, Jupiter, Venus and Mercury as well as The Ascendant, Moon Nodes and Uranus, Neptune and Pluto is clarified + the aspects, transcendent potential as well as visual design of the universe, etc. – concrete tools for lifetime!

Send me your full name, date of birth, place and time of birth as correct as possible with your subscription to:

Subscription latest 14 days before start with deposit of dkr. 1.000,- (NOT refunded if you cancel due to the work associated with the preparation). Rest amount to be transferred just before start.


Savannah is an inspirational, loving, compassionate being of higher light, wisdom and intelligence!

Her classes are simply put – amazing and powerful and unlike anything you have experienced before! I have taken all of the levels of the Omahara
School of Enlightenment’s Teachings and just recently completed Level 4 again. What a gift each level of teachings are!
You will experience and witness truth and reality, rather than illusion and delusion. You will re-activate your Divine dormant gifts lying inside you hidden by lower ego and false reality. You will bring powerful healing to self and others!

We all hear, read testimonials of classes with the disclaimer in small letters that “ results are not typical for all” but in Savannah’s classes, they are! Everyone that takes the teachings have experienced positive change if they are willing to follow the light and truth!

It will knock your socks off, but in a good way!                                                                     Pat Brown, Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

“I absolutely loved the course. It feels so wonderful to bask in unconditional love for so many days. I love the acceptance of Everything. It makes me excited to go home and practice what I have learned so I can BE who I TRULY am.
I had many different experiences during the course. During one meditation I could feel an energy that represented my father. We had a conversation about being controlling. He controlled himself so he wouldn’t get in trouble with his father. I told him I had done the same. I asked my father why he didn’t give up the control after his father died. He said he didn’t know how to give up the control. I told him that his control is now released and he can be himself and have fun. I asked Savannah after the meditation how come my father couldn’t release the control. She said he didn’t have the tools. It made me realize that what I am learning are God given tools to help me release the old me and discover the new, improved, loving , kind, compassionate, happy, fun me.
As well, when I looked in the mirror later, I looked like I was glowing + younger looking.”



“Attendance @ the Omahara School of Enlightenment with and open heart and an open mind without expectations will result in profound changes in your beliefs, elimination of misbeliefs and misconceptions. Underlying issues which previously held you back will surface and the process of release will forever change how you see your life. Experiences will become clearer as they are only learning experiences in your progress towards you true self.
Emptiness, lonlyness, isolation, despair will be transformed into love, light, freedom and compassion, Self-judgment, criticism and control are released – only love flows. Challenges will still surface but when one looks upon them as only tests to measure your progress, how you react will change. Each future challenge reinforces the growth from where you started and where you are now.
Love life and freedom allow you to feel, experience and spread love when before you could only judge, criticize and rebel. Freedom from illusion is your gift to yourself. Experience, enjoy love.”

“I rediscovered what laughter was. I am feeling much more relaxed, more complete, hopeful, optimistic.
Found out there are so many helpers, you are never alone nor could you ever possibly be. We are meant to have absolutely everything, freedom, joy, peace, nothing is withheld from us. It was only our perception of the world. We had ample time for sharing, questions and discussions. Savannah teaches in a way so that all may understand, and gives further clarity if needed. By Savannah radiating love and light you are comfortable and safe to discover who you truly are.”

“A life transforming event. This course can help you with re-connecting to yourself & re-awakening the God within you & it will nudge & push you towards your true purpose in life”

“I learned a lot about myself especially how rejecting and mean I can be to people, animals, the environment, and to myself. Especially myself for rejecting the people I love the most, including my true self. I will try to forgive myself over tiem for being so blind. I don’t enven know if what I am experiencing is real or if I am having a weird death experience or if I am actually dead, either way, its beautiful”

“Omahara is a dynamic activation teaching for being the love that is the source of all. My gratitude to Savannah for her absolute presence in all she says and does”

“Thank you for all of the wisdom and divine gauidance, dear Savannah. Your hospitality and dedication is well divine. Thank you for letting me stay in your house, eat all your food ana a full week of non stop enlightenment. Thank you for being the best teacher, mentor, and spiritual guardian angel, I ever had/have/and will have. Knowing that you are by my side now and forever into infinity is pure ecstasy and I will forever remember your God given healing power. Thank you for all the love! No words can describe how happy you have made me my great spiritual sister, Savannah. Chris, Torben, Patty, Regina and Vicki as well as Sally, Trine, Ken, and the rest of the Beloved Ones took care of all my other needs. Thank you all for everything you have taught me from the very depths of my soul. The Omahara School of Enlightenment has truly changed my life and elevated my frequency.”

“If ever you have felt lost and just not quite fit in. Searching for answers everywhere wondering who am I? Where did I come from? What am I doing here? To you I suggest Omahara School of Enlightenment. It is like coming back home. The teachings will certainly answer all your questions awakening you once again and giving tools which will empower you helping you to fully stand in your mastery. The tremendous love which is shared among the group will certainly change you forever. Ever part of your being has awaken to these new evergies drawing you back fully into the light. Fully back home many blessing to all who embark on this journey. It will be life changing, changing not only the now but throughout all, changing all bringing not only you but those around you into light and back home once again. Back home from whence we came. Again many blessings dear ones, happy journeys, we await you here to welcome you with open arms and open hearts. Till we meet again…..friends of the Light…..ah…oh…ah”

“Thank you Omahara / Savannah. I will come again…..with Larry!” (husband)

“Incredible! A life altering experience.”

“My head is not currently able to process and create a response at this time. But be assured that I am thrilled with all aspects of the program. The accommodation & food were also excellent”

“Bless you for bringing these teachings forward. Bless you for loving us as we are & taking us where we were to go. Blissful times of many releases, emotional & physical, of many aha’s. If one is aware of rapidly rising consciousness as our planet as art, these are the tools to learn, to activate and use daily. Namaste. I AM grateful”

“Warmth, caring, compassion, life transforming unconditioanl love, freely given and exchanged on each day. The teachings was felt by all and given by all”

“I can hardly wait until the next get together. I feel very completed when we are together”

“I got more confidence in what I am learning. Getting closer to applying what I’m learning. Looking forward to focusing into a daily activation – this will be a challenge – but more likely to happen after this last level”

“No expectations this time. I tried to arrive as humbly as possible so sthat I could leave with this huge compendium of knowledge. I do not want to step on anyones toes in all senses of the expression. I wish to continue shining my light whereever I go, and I know that these tools from Helleh are invaluable and nobody else would ever teach me them. I am also trying to get rid of more ego and judgment every time we meet. I wish to shatter my illusion of the true dimensional world. Thank you for the Unconditional Love, the Brilliant Light & the Endearing, Enduring Compassion”

“When I came to the workshop I was seeking answers to my prayers for peace and acceptance and unconditional love in my life. At the onset, I thought that it would be a weekend of tears. I never imagined the overwhelming sense of love, peace, and self acceptance that sure overdid me coming from within & emcompass my entire Being and gently erasing all need for tears – only joy. It is so wonderful to laugh – at seemingly nothing just laugh! The depths that the meditations take you is indescribable – only after experiencing them can one grasp the ancient wisdom. Knowledge and truths that are available to all who are seeking take the adventure without anticipation, expectation, fear or judgment and you will be set free”

“I have been searching my whole life for something that would help me feel whole and complete. I had been bound by what seems like steel bars that I had not been able to break free of no matter what – until Level 2 with Helleh. I now understand that I needed Helleh’s high frequency teachings to unleash me from my prison. Thank God for Helleh! How can you ever repay something like that. No amount of money would be able to express the gratitude to people that save your life and peace of mind”

“Les someone who has asked 2 questions from such an early age (19 or younger) – which are: Why am I here? and How can I save this planet?… I love received and believed the answers that I have been given. This is most profound for me, as from time to time my questions have reached so deep that I have often said to myself – before sleep – that I don’t want to be here. How – I am so happy to be here! To be able to heal myself – those I love, and our earth mother – my family – the human race and our planet. I feel honored to be entrusted with the role I have been given – to shine My Light and Be Love – and now I can just BE! Much Love’n Light to you Helleh! Always”

“These are the most advanced teachings I have ever taken and I believe the most advanced spiritual “technology” of our times. The teachings are ageless and this community of people is so loving. The teacher is ever so dedicated and giving. In living the teachings and a shining example for me. A peal inspiration. I am so grateful to all as the energy is so high and the sharing so profound. I thank you all for your presence and above I thank the teacher Helleh. Namaste”

“I find myself & my purpose in such a loving and supportive environment is an amazing feeling. I once again come to a place within – with grace, kindness, loving & support is so appreciated. I am full confident to now go forward and Be the Light Reflecting Light is such a sense of peace, and wonder!”

“The Omahara Teachings are without a doubt THE MOST accelerated of ALL the paths I have embraced”

“You cannot describe the transformations that take place between the first day and the last day. It has to be experienced; it is absolutely phenomenal”

“The realization and integration of the fact that we are truly just a vessel for the light was very powerful. Our commitment to the light is what is important”

“Helleh, as always, you were absolutely present in mind and heart throughout the course, and for this I am grateful. You are a dynamo, who motivates me to explore beyond the 3D level. Your willingness to share from your own life brings life to the teachings. Thank you!”

“After Level 3 One leaves with the feeling that one could just wish to stay in these other dimensions all the time. Multi-dimensionality is the best and I wish to be an active Lightworker and anchor the fifth dimension on our Beloved Planet Gaia. Thanks to all Light Beings and Ascended Masters now and always for Divine Guidance”

“Very intense. Definately you get $ worth. Pieced everything together. Now my puzzle is just about complete”

“I would highly recommend this course and I look forward to see the changes in me and my life from taking this course”