Fake problem – Reaction – Solution

Fake problem - Reaction - Solution

As a rule, astrology and numerology show what is happening in the world and what we can expect in the near future, but with surprises, so we keep raising our consciousness within the experience. Right now it is overwhelming with non-stop information, questions, cries for help, important tasks, etc. - but here comes a brief overview.

Life has been super challenging since 2017. It's about Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn. Pluto = dictatorship and VIRUS, Saturn = government and biggest challenge as well as lord of fear and karma. Capricorn = control. Mix them yourself and see what happens in the world.

Fortunately, Saturn has moved into the Aquarius, which is freedom. Pluto is now in conjunction with Jupiter and Mars in Capricorn. Jupiter is the largest beneficial planet in the sky but has no boundaries, so it is up to us how we choose to react to the circumstances. Jupiter blows everything out of proportion be it good or bad - it's up to you. Jupiter is also higher learning, so it's time now to see the truth about our government and it's super dark (Capricorn). Deep State is the worst evil and has its headquarters ready in Copenhagen with a vast underground bunker – therefore, Denmark will be the first country to have forced vaccinations and total deprivation, which is the dark side of Saturn in the Aquarius. Mars is exalted in Capricorn and fully active. Mars is the soldier. There are now 50,000 troops in a joint NATO operation across Europe (Defender Europe 2020)!

March is the 3rd month. 3 is the dark’s favourite number. FEAR provides numerological 3 - 3D, which is why March is the ultimate for spreading fear.
April is the 4th month -  4 = home, foundation, ancestry and incarnation, but also destiny - 4D. We can expect the paranormal to blend in with 3D, our visible reality. Cats are in 4D with a big ego.
May is the 5th month -  by then we should have reached 5D and created our own reality of compassion, peace, joy, love. Look at dogs, they are 5D - no ego. Only so you have a little comparison to go by.
And the rest of the year could very well continue likewise. I have no doubts that we will see Aliens / ETs this year or at least hear about them, especially in July, the 7th month. Most of these now seem primarily benevolent, which is a big change, since it has been mostly dark creatures  - in particular since 2017. But be alert!

In mid-May, Saturn, Venus and Jupiter all go retrograde with only 1 day in between. Pluto goes retrograde in late April and Mercury goes retrograde in mid-June, so a large part of the planets suddenly goes retrograde, which throws you further deep into yourself to turn your emotions and thoughts into the positive. Venus retrograde is known for its 40 nights in the desert. It's a huge SHIFT in AWARENESS, DIMENSION and TIMELINES - and exactly what 2020 is all about!

The pandemic is a state of emergency and empowers the government to pass fascist laws without our vote. We do not have a pandemic, but several viruses in circulation, laboratory-created as well as naturally occurring - the whole scenario is about implementing One World Order - absolute control over all of us. We are like cattle taken away from freedom on the grassland and now put into each our box/booth, (forcibly) medicated, (media) fed and processed exactly as the government wants. Absolutely NOT what WE want.
So to counteract do eat fresh organic fruits and vegetables as well as D-vitamins and drink at least 2 liters of CLEAN water every day. Turn off wifi / mobile especially at night to strengthen your body's immune system. It is strongly recommended.

The Deep State / government creates the fake problem (deliberately staged) and then awaits your reaction  (which is predetermined in terms of mind control and programming via 3G, 4G and 5G, TV, newspapers, symbols, etc.). When you cry out for help (having given your power to them and their decision), they will immediately come up with the solution (forced vaccination, restrictive regulations, etc.). Vaccination is death. Thus micro-chipping. You become their slave forever and they kill you when it suits them.

The Deep State model that we must recognize and eliminate as soon as possible is thus: Problem - Reaction – Solution
Our natural model, which we must implement as soon as possible is: Truth - Freedom – Health

HELLO! So it's ALL about your REACTION, how YOU and we choose to act. The problem / virus only becomes useful to Deep State when you respond. It's you who makes it real. If you do not respond, the problem will disappear. If you demand the truth, then you activate your power for freedom and thus health.

But hey, people do die of CVirus, don’t they? Yes, a few do. The death tolls are said to be everyone who has died from anything, or they die with underlying diseases. This is an awakening, a reality check, and it does not actually go according to the plan of the One World Order, because we are awakening and they could not foresee that. They have technology to predict a lot, but not everything. That's our chance. And since 5G, which is dangerous AI (Artificial Intelligence) has not yet been implemented everywhere, we still have this chance to use our own brain and mind. NOTE! You MUST have control over your own thoughts and feelings now, otherwise they will take over - and that is unfortunately the truth. Remember with one thought only you can create a disease – and with one thought you can make yourself heal. It is YOU who creates YOUR reality (exercise below).

People have become separated from this knowledge and fact about self healing and self control largely due to our modern cyber world. We have become distanced from ourselves and each other. Now, however, we are sent into isolation, into ourselves to remember who we are, the creators of our own reality. And the planet is working to our advantage, but also to theirs,  - unless  we take our power back to ourselves and our reality into our own hands. We have endless potential and it is the last call now to in order to enter 5D - which 5G forces us to do if we will survive. Listen - you can hardly hear the difference: 5D, 5G! 5G is 60 GHz, simply smashing our immune system, which is why people in areas where 5G has been switched on are much more prone to illnesses. The existence of 5G forces us to tap into our higher self immune system, which is completely accessible (exercise below)

It is not a NATO exercise we currently have in Europe, but rather a massive arrest of so-called Black Hats. It is carried out by the White Hats led by Trump, the military / Alliance that are at war with the Black Hats (Illuminati, Deep State, Satanists, sex traffic, human traffic). White Hats do have better intentions than Black Hats - why it is wise to bet on White Hats so to speak. Black Hats are the worst evil, but White Hats are not just paradise and blissful ascension. They are better, but whether they win or not is UP TO US, because it requires that WE THINK and ACT POSITIVELY - 5D LIFE. Fortunately, it looks promisingly that White Hats are "winning", men what is their agenda? We don’t know, and it is not likely that they will be inclined to turn off 5G, so there will very likely still be a takeover of our brains. It's like two cattle breeders in battle for the stock. We are still ‘cattle for production’ so to speak. Keep this in mind. Therefore, this is the time for unleashing our minds, thoughts and feelings and creating our own true reality, in which we stand in our OWN POWER. This is ESSENTIAL. If you do so, you will have NOTHING to fear.
Is Trump then the good guy? Yes, he is, because he won’t hesitate taking even the most evil vilains down. If it was not for him, we were already doomed slaves globally. Now at least we have a chance. However, there are ‘snakes’ milling around Trump, likely to misinform him for their own benefits, power and winnings. Exactly as seen with other good presidents. They do EVERYTHING to hijack him, just like they did with Obama. Trump NEEDS our help in order to see through the lies. It is crucial to our future that Trump is seeing the truth. Please follow him on Twitter - contact him!

We are right now experiencing an repetition of the Moses story. Think about what happened in the movie The Ten Commandments. (Hollywood style of course.) Moses went to the Pharaoh and said, "Let my people go, they will be free." Don't we also want to be free from control? Next, a lot of people dies in the movie, like it happens right now with the virus. There are many people who are predestined to leave the planet now. Astrology and numerology show that there are no coincidences, or deaths that are not predetermined, but it is not much worse than that.
Another biblical prophecy is that the rivers will turn red as Nibiru / Planet X approaches us. It is right now approaching Jupiter's orbit. This is the red oxide coming out of the planet. Rivers all over the world are turning red right now. Red is anger and the time of accounting. The Bible seems to put things in order of how they will happen. First stories there about the man standing in the Holy Land (USA), then the great tribulation (virus) and everyone becomes afraid of this virus. It certainly happened. Then it is told, the sun will become darker and the moon will not shine its light. It could be the many volcanic eruptions that will be spreading dust in the sky or even spaceships that will fill the entire airspace. We will see! This is likely to be 1st-10th April, where 4 10 20 (April 10, 20) = DJT - Donald J Trump. The plan could be that on this day each of us are being told what has happened in the war between white & black hats, all of which has been going on in silence and mostly underground WITHOUT media coverage (NATO practice only!)

Next, it is said, "the sign of the Son of Man will appear in heaven, and the people of the earth will rejoice, ecause they will see the Son of man coming on the clouds of heaven with power and great glory." He sends his angels with loud trumpet sounds, and the selected ones will gather and fill the sky. This is when we move into the new world - 5D and beyond. It needs to be said, that the Blue Beam Project is also being fully rolled out, which means that One World Order will orchestrate holographic images in the sky to trick us into believing UFOs and Alien invasion has started (fear) as well as the return of Jesus (One World Religion). Religion is programming! Deep State will do anything to control the people and to make them believe in order to secure their own financial gains, just as the media does. Therefore, the Bible is used as a reference. Pay attention to all their symbolism and manipulation. It permeates EVERYTHING now.

With so many planets in Capricorn since 12-13. January 2020, there are huge crashes of structures and governments, but also great demands on us for inner structure, discipline, patience and perseverance. That's what Saturn, the Capricorn, requires of us.

When Mars entered Capricorn on February 18, he activated Jupiter and the stock market began to fall and is still falling. This is also where the new money system - Gesara can come on board, which is already taking over - One World Economy. Gesara was supposed to be backed by gold (which is deposited in southern China), so we positively come back to the fact that each coin carry it’s value/weight in gold. Whether it gets really good or bad depends also on our focus. According to Trump & White Hats, we need justice and a new justice system. It does not happen with the snakes that fill the space around him now. Whether we get our debt released or they double it - that's the turning point. Maybe something totally different? What we can do is to drop being victims and being victimized. We can and MUST step into victory consciousness and direct our energy in the right place.

Mars will be in Capricorn until the end of March, so until then it will still activate Pluto and the virus - then Mars moves into the Aquarius and joins Saturn. This will be a completely different energy because Capricorn rules control and Aquarius rules freedom. So we will move out of control energy and begin to manifest freedom. April will also be a very intense month because the sun will be in the sign of Aries, which will be ruled by Mars until April 20th. From there the Sun moves into the sign of Taurus ruled by Venus and everything changes.

However, it should be said that Pluto will still be in Capricorn for quite a while yet, until most of the world governance has changed. Even the Chinese have begun to question their communist rule after the poor hard-hit provinces like Wuhan have been completely and inhumanly neglected. Saturn will when retrograde come back into Capricorn on July 2 and once again form a conjunction with Pluto.  This means that we will just take second round - still with Jupiter, which is good, for he is beneficial to the fullest extent, not least when it comes to seeing the truth and learning from the experience. Saturn then returns to the Aquarius on December 18 and makes full conjunction with Jupiter at 0 degrees on December 21 - Winter Solstice - BINGO - here we enter the Age of Aquarius, and we are now in a whole new dimension.

So this is ultimately a very exciting year where only change can be expected. Whether it is good or bad is entirely up to us individually and thus also collectively, so please work for the good.

LIGHT manifests the energy of 11/2 in numerology, and the word DARK manifests the energy of 16/7, which is the ‘Tower struck by lightning’ in Tarot. The towers have begun to fall. 2 + 7 = 9, and it is the energy of love, which in truth is the glue that holds our universe together. Therefore, love is what we need to focus on, not only to each other, but also to our little children, who carry paradise and the energy of ascension in their DNA, so it's time to talk about fairies, angels, unicorns…. The 5D lies naturally in them, so let them help you by supporting them.

Below are links to assistive devices for healing, protection of your brain via Iqubes, frequencies to boost your immune system, exercises to create your new reality in 5D, the pineal, important health, etc.

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