Create your reality – Exercise

Start with your protection!

Visualize a Violet Tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) around you with the base under your feet.

Visualize a Violet Octahedron (two 4-sided pyramids put together at the base) around you with the base in the center under your feet.

Visualize an Oversoul SILVER Infinity Archetype Symbol directly above your head/structure. This is the 'entrance' to Christ Consciousness and Godmind, which is also called God Source or Cosmic Universal Mind ... Godmind is all there is.

Take some cleansing deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth.

Focus on your pineal gland and see it in Royal Blue.

place a royal blue circle with a dot in the center in your pineal.


Then visualize a equilateral triangle in brown, which is the symbol of perfection and creation. Inside the triangle you visualize a circle also in brown, which is the symbol of space, also physical surroundings or your habitat and health. Now think carefully - ONLY POSITIVE and see ONLY POSITIVE in the circle what you want to create, be it a relationship, job, money, home, surroundings - visualize this as perfectly as possible within this circle. When you're done, put it all in brown - including yourself inside out. And release it. Brown is grouding your intention in the present.

You have now asked Hyperspace / Universal Mind to get this manifested and the process is underway. You can always manifest something more by doing the exercise again. KNOW that intention is powerful and everything you visualize WILL happen. This exercise will also change your mind-patterns to align with your intention. Always remember brown in the end.

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