New Earth

New Earth – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 4.444 From the light (love) of the North Pole in the center outwards. Clean and highly vibrating bodies of water and green vegetation. Planet Earth constantly produces clean drinking water, which is the essence of life and supplies via its diverse natural sources. There are […]

Invinsible Nature

Invinsible Nature – 60 x 60 – acrylic  -dkr. 3.333 In honor of the impact of Nature – Plants and trees that break through and grow in the most impossible places. Nature never gives up! We humans need to remember and learn from that.                    

God Download-Upload

God Download Upload – 80 x 100 – Acrylic and stones – SOLD This painting was in order. No colors – just abstract. Without me knowing God came through in Arabic. The owner happens to be Muslim and love the painting. Well…..coincidences certainly don’t exist.            

Nature Law Permeating

Nature Law Permeating – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 1776 No coincidences! The Constitutional Law is the Natural Law and it shines through with the power of the will – our power by our DNA and thus our freedom