Nature Law Permeating – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 1776 No coincidences! The Constitutional Law is the Natural Law and it shines through with the power of the will – our power by our DNA and thus our freedom

Mother Nature Revived

Mother Nature Revived – 80×60 – Acrylic – dkr. 4.444,- From the precious metals deep underground/in deep space, the sacred geometries appear as the Creators creating all there is – Flower of Life is the main geometry of all creation. The Star Tetrahedron as our inter-dimensional vehicle. The Phi Ratio/Golden Mean spiral forming everything. The Shri […]

Stargate to a Peaceful World

Stargate to a Peaceful World – 20×20- Acrylic – dkr. 888,- 9-pointed star in which there is a 12-pointed star with an Alpha-Phi-Omega Spiral in the center. Genuine high quality green turquoise crystals from Tibet are affixed. It takes an awakened DNA to meditate on this image that opens a Stargate to a Peaceful World – […]

New Egypt

New Egypt – 60×60 – Akrylic – dkr. 3.333,- Colors of the Ancient Papyrus, true Eye of God with the Flower of Life as pupil, the Ankh for healing and protection as well as balance of masculine & feminine energies and the Pineal Gland at the bottom for the spiritual evolution. Silver glitter added. A […]

Electric Sun

Electric Sun – 20×20 – Acrylic – dkr. 555,- Our Sun is not hot as we think. It becomes warmer, moving further away from it – of course, to a certain extend. The Sun is electrically charged and also charged with truths that still need to be disclosed. The Sun is not what we are told […]