Tesla on offer until March 31

We are guided at this time to add 3 more Quantum Sound Tesla iQubes onto earth. Are you being called to this mission? “If you only knew the magnificence of the 3, 6 and 9, then you would have the key to the universe.” Nikola Tesla The Quantum Sound Tesla iQube is built on the principles of 3-6-9 The […]

Soul Paintings in Order

Soul paintings for married couple with their desire of colors corresponding to a background on a business card, suitable for an empty wall in their living room, where for years they have been looking for the right one without success. The paintings are based on their numerology, separately as well as together – they are […]

Owen James – Medical Intuitive

Mind-blowing skilled – so fortunately worldknown! You can ask WHATEVER – be ready for the answer! Owen will also scan your body completely and give you a clear overview over your situation, what you can do yourself, how etc……be prepared for FULL value for your contribution. 10th-16th of April 2019 Contact for private session: Savannah: […]

Numerological Guidance

Its truly remarkable how much information you can retrieve from your birth numbers. Yesim is a very skilled numerologist – so a session with her is recommended. Time table: 10th-16th of April 2019 Book a private session: Savannah: teachings@omahara.com See more HERE!

Cacao Astro Ceremony

Saturday the 22nd of Dec 7-10pm Guided clearing- and protection technique in practise. Individual Astrological Guidance about this Full Moon for you. Sacred raw cacao from Peru as ceremony with your intention and supported by meditation with gentle music and sound vibrations. See more HERE!

Medical Intuitive Healing Session

Worldly Owen James – Medical Intuitive Owen scan your body completely on all levels and clarify what to do and how to regain your balance. It can includeimportant supplements, thought patterns, past life experiences, relationships, unacknowledged inherent skills, curses, blessings….he goes as deep as necessary. Very profound healing work. Only a few opportunities left the 18th, 22nd […]

Liquid Light Journey with Aya

19th-21st of October 2018 It is with great pleasure that we accept this amazing gift of Aya, Mother Gaia and with world-renowned Owen James – Medical Intuitive as our ultimate facilitator. There is limited registration so a quick subscription is recommended. You are welcome to contact Savannah at +45 60807651 if you have any questions […]