Corona Virus Immunity Protection Soundtrack

For support of everyone……. especially powerful with IQubes built exactly to protect you against any G-radiation, clean your food and heal your brain waves as well as maintaining balance throughout your body and home. Everything is energy – here you can get Corona Virus Immunity Protection Soundtrack and you can add this track to your […]

Higher Light Conception

Higher Light Conception – 60 x 60 – Acrylic – dkr. 2000The name comes from the painting itself and lives up to it. I tried to negotiate the name Reception rather than Conception, but NO, it didn’t ring through. It’s Higher Light Conception – end of discussion. Try to meditate on this and feel for yourself […]

Divine Mother Spiraling

Instreaming divine frequencies from above to below, our DNA continously changing, Divine Spirits magical spiral work in the process, horisontal earthplane where sky and ocean meet and merge in the waves of DNA. A proces of love emanating in spirals from the golden mean ratio in the center of this Universe and from the core […]

Cleansing & Protection

Are you sure you are only yourself ? Technique in how to cleanse and protect yourself , which is more important than ever, if you want freedom and good health in todays world flooded ‘invisible’ enemies, that keep you a slave, controlled and low vibrating. Many of those ‘enemies’ are still unknown for the majority, […]