Cleansing & Protection

  Visualize a Violet Tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) around you with the base under your feet. Visualize a Violet Octahedron (two 4-sided pyramids put together at the base) around you with the base in the center under your feet. Visualize an Oversoul SILVER Infinity Archetype Symbol directly above your head/structure. This is the ‘entrance’ to Christ Consciousness and Godmind, which is also […]

2020 Astrological Overview

Countless good astrological articles are being written, which is why I have chosen not to make these as well, so I can focus on my popular astrological and numerological guidance as well as continue to help as many people as possible with effective tools and events / teachings. Here is a good and uplifting astrological […]

Corona Virus Immunity Protection Soundtrack

For support of everyone……. especially powerful with IQubes built exactly to protect you against any G-radiation, clean your food and heal your brain waves as well as maintaining balance throughout your body and home. Everything is energy – here you can get Corona Virus Immunity Protection Soundtrack and you can add this track to your […]

Cleansing & Protection

Are you sure you are only yourself ? Technique in how to cleanse and protect yourself , which is more important than ever, if you want freedom and good health in todays world flooded ‘invisible’ enemies, that keep you a slave, controlled and low vibrating. Many of those ‘enemies’ are still unknown for the majority, […]