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The New Moon in Taurus today the 30st of April will initiate the manifestation of all your visualized desires, so think carefully - be positive and in the present.

The global economic collapse with the fall of the petrodollar is going to affect us all and is now being activated visibly for everyone, even though it has been underway for a while. There is a new money system in place that will benefit us, but it is not about a basic income and the surrender of your belongings and human rights. There is a war between light and dark, and you need to learn to distinguish, navigate it and take your stand as sovereign without consent to the government's agenda, otherwise there is no guarantee of survival. We are all facing gigantic changes in all areas of our lives, and our true free will must now be exercised. Taurus stands firm, determined and thoughtful. Live it.

Taurus is all about self-worth, your money, and the pleasures of life (food, drink, and physical comforts), and all of these must now be upgraded. When something is very false and distorted in our life, then it is removed to make room for something new and better.

Everything that is not of true value to you will be removed. In terms of money, I recommend having 1/3 in a smaller private equity fund (bank), 1/3 in cash and 1/3 in silver (especially), gold and/or crypto like Bitcoin, Chainlink or Stellar (you choose of course, but familiarize yourself thoroughly so that you manage your Wallet, and also reliable sources to buy these from). According to impending food shortages, then it will be primarily the unhealthy things that are eliminated, such as cheap sunflower and grape seed oil, wheat flour and meat. I recommend buying and storing what you don't think you can do without for at least ½ year of consumption. You will go a long way on rice, beans, oatmeal, olive oil, dry yeast for baking and fermented vegetables on glasses.

The 10th of May, Mercury goes retrograde until the 4th of June. Do not buy anything with screw-able parts during this period. Purchases break down. Traffic is unsafe. Delays, accidents, crashes. Never sign anything when Mercury is retrograde, because it will most likely fall back on you negatively afterwards. Avoid entering into a new relationship or business - even agreements can run into nothing. Mercury will bring with it many revelations about the lies in the media, who in the government are the Deep State puppets, and big names will fall as traitors. This detection is especially amplified when Mercury again goes direct around the 4th of June and thereafter.

The 16th of May we have a Full Moon in Scorpio. The New Moon now and the Full Moon later on th 16th of May is so strong because they settle on the axis of the Lunar Nodes with the North Node in conjunction with the New Moon in Taurus, which amplifies/super-activates all qualities of Taurus, and the South Node in conjunction with the Full Moon in Scorpio, which will pull karma forward to release and fear of that which has been hidden from us or which we have denied. All karma and fear must go before total entry into 5D. Right now, most of us are standing with one foot in 3D and the other in 5D, so there is a lot of doubt and confusion. It will take a while for this healing. Scorpio is about death, allied values, transformation, and the occult/mystical. Everything is black and white and without compromise. Do you want to or don't you want to? Scorpio is ruled by Mars (action, warrior) and Pluto (virus, crash of everything, which no longer works) - harsh and unfiltered! Stay calm emotionally, set boundaries and be considerate. Eat healthy, walk at least 10 min barefoot on grass every day, meditate on positive dream visions. Everything will be fine!

If you have your horoscope at hand, then note where the Taurus-Scorpio axis lies in houses, then you have yet another level of important information to help you through in the best possible way.

There is art in this newsletter, because it is another way for me to bring out the vital activations of DNA as assistance for all living sentient beings, if there is no surplus to be trained on this high spiritual level through Omahara/Melchizedek.

I am a Starseed, an out-worlder, have been abducted from toddler, had numerous near-death experiences and am warming up to come out with my story which is mind-blowing.

May you all be blessed with joy, peace and enlightenment.


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