Astro News 11-18-2021

Astro news 11-18-2021

The Full Moon in Taurus now Friday the 19th of November is very strong, and I recommend meditating to this, because now is the time for spiritual ascension. This Full Moon is so strong that you've probably felt the energy of it this whole week. It activates a major shift, which will be the nodes of the moon taking their transit into new signs, which will form the headline of our future for the next 2 years from 18th of January 2022.

The Moon’s South Node is now in Sagittarius and North Node in Gemini, and has been the last 2 years, which in keyword means we have developmentally moved from Sagittarius to Gemini. South Node indicates the past (Saturn like) and North Node the future (Jupiter like). Sagittarius is the search for truth, being sincere, ethical, relationship with God, limitless freedom loving, independence – and Gemini is communication/censorship, freedom in movement, and to come and go as it suits us – think.....because it is clear that the dark forces ruling governments have created the exact opposite to control us, because they exploit / ride the waves of planetary transit over our heads, which is why it is MEGA rewarding to know astrology.       Now the theme is changing!!!!

The Full Moon in Taurus will be the starting shot that will activate the great new shift that we will get to see the result of until and at least around and after 18th of January 2022. There is likewise a powerful New Moon in Sagittarius d. 4. dec, which also comes into play here with reactivating the positive qualities of Sagittarius.

18th of January moves the Moon’s South Node into Scorpio and North Node into Taurus forming the theme for the next 2 years. New developments are being initiated, now from Scorpio (past) to Taurus (future). Scorpio controls volcanoes and water, and death, as well as transformation, so we're going to see some of that. Scorpio is intense, secretive, controlling (especially emotionally), extremely black and white, vindictive and persevering with psychological survival instinct. Hm....think.....the Dark Forces does not give up easily, but we can all come out as completely new loving enlightened beings via this transformation. And Mars is currently strong in his own sign of Scorpio in opposition to Uranus in Taurus (conjunction Dark Moon Lilith, so structures break down – watch for the destruction/collapse of buildings for the next 2 years), as well as in square (conflict) with Saturn in Aquarius (human understanding/collective consciousness).      The sign of Taurus controls money, Mother Earth, security, self-esteem and food.

So the theme will change away from censorship, masks (limiting communication), corona passports and the endless lies of corrupt media to go through the transformation, overcome death (everything is forever existing), rule our fears as the truth is revealed, and then otherwise towards better times of money, temple building (incl. your physical body) and self-sufficiency. Of course, the Deep State/Dark forces will also change the theme and challenge us all they can, with threats of food shortages, dependence on the state, no property rights, poverty, etc. and virus continues as Pluto (virus) is still in Capricorn (authorities).....never give up, though, because there is light at the end of the tunnel. We are ascending!

The Sun will be in the 13th. sign called Ophiuchus (the great healer Asclepius) from 30. november to 16. December - where a 'wind' comes to Earth. Ophiuchus/Asclepius is the serpent, kundalini, so it is Ascension time now and with the New Moon in Sagittarius (representing the House of God) the 4th of December, then you can now move tremendously spiritually on this fantastic wave, which is about the balance between the masculine/feminine. Ophiuchus is a feminine sign, so the Goddesses are awakened to their prominent positions. Dear men - know your role in finding corresponding balance in yourself and then otherwise see the beauty in the woman and support them, for they are emerging now. The right women will strengthen you, not castrate.

Venus goes retrograde the 19th of December in Capricorn and then takes her 40 days in the underworld - the time of working your way through your own shadow characters as these are reflected in the world around you so that you come out with strengthened self-esteem, open strong heart and take your stand/authority, especially towards the authorities/government.

All Astrology and Omahara courses will be provided up in request, so do not hold back if you are interested in Man, know thyself – self-realization and enlightenment!

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