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The Galactic Federation of Light is with us and cooperates, the Earth's Schuman resonance has completely jumped the scale, so consciousness on Earth is indeed on the rise – Earth is ascending. We all need to strive for 5D consciousness now. Please join the worldwide meditations online for it works!

There is so much more to the story of the known virus, but stay free of fear. The hospitals are not for the virus, they for all the children now rescued daily across the globe, starting in the US. 35,000 children are currently rescued from underground torture chambers in New York, California, Florida and Washington by U.S. marines. The children are aged 3-17. Most are thought to come from CPS - Child Protecting Services. 8 million children have been kidnapped and disappeared every year for many, many years. The rest of 2020 will certainly require our attention and healing of the countless children who have been so violently abused. Many of these children are in such a serious condition that they will most likely not survive. All of these children are also aspects of us, which is why we are many who have intuitively heard them call for help our entire lives. That is, so to speak, our unconscious, who now returns, why healing is essential for us to reassemble. We are all one. However, not as religions explain. Please see the exercise below.

You will know the whole story VERY soon. We can expect the internet as well as the mobile connection to disappear, or be on/off for the next 3-10 days, most likely over Easter, which is a good sign. There are "nodes" through which Internet traffic is being managed that are still controlled by the Deep State / Satanists, and now the connection has to be bypassed. After that, 3 x 8 hours of truth information starts a day for approx. 10 days where we will be informed about everything. It becomes difficult to bear for the vast majority of the population - this is often the case with truths. Therefore, the awakened are given a great task in helping and supporting the still sleeping ones. Also support the military in so-called exercise in DK and elsewhere. A massive cleanup is underway - also in Denmark. This is global. And be prepared that it is bad in small Denmark too. It is not the end of the world, but a beginning. The planetary liberation of forces that have kept humanity in bondage, war providers, disease providers, environmental destroyers - are all held accountable. It includes governments, politicians, banks, religions, media, well-known actors and singers, top people all-round, the pharmaceutical industry, education systems and countless organizations such as WHO, UN, etc. Be patient, keep the light and love in your heart and support as many fellow humans as possible. It is not as it seems, but it will end well.

I myself am a violated raised child who had nightmares about torture from when I was very small. I developed strong psyhic abilities and empathy, but also anxiety neuroses and had 4 serious suicide attempts before I was 17 years old. It is nothing compared to the children who are now seeing the light for the first time in their lives. I have deep compassion and a home and heart that for many years have been ready to receive these children.

Here, I'm sharing one of the simple exercises I've used to heal my inner child, so I'm really ready to heal all the other kids now, as true aspects of my own unconscious self. You are most welcome to share everything I share.


Visualize a Violet Tetrahedron (3-sided pyramid) around you with the base under your feet.

Visualize a Violet Octahedron (two 4-sided pyramids put together at the base) around you with the base in the center under your feet.

Visualize an Oversoul SILVER Infinity Archetype Symbol directly above your head/structure. This is the 'entrance' to Christ Consciousness and Godmind, which is also called God Source or Cosmic Universal Mind ... Godmind is all there is.

Take some cleansing deep breaths in through your nose and out through your mouth (white light in, toxins out)

Focus on your pineal gland and see it in Royal Blue.

place a royal blue circle with a dot in the center in your pineal.



Descend to your heart chakra like you are going down in an elevator or moving slowly on a descending platform. Keep consciousness there in heart; You are now surrounded in medium green. See a green door in front of you. What is the door made of? Is it open or closed? What kind of knob is there? What’s the texture? Open the door and simply look and observe. Take note of anything you see in the doorway. Walk in. Note what you observe. You will see in front of you a small child. Note the age of the child, what they look like, the facial expression and the clothes they are wearing. Go over to the child and introduce yourself. Ask the child their name. Pick the child up and hold it close to you, tell her/him everything is OK and you’ll take care of it. Put the child on the ground and hold out your right hand, palms up. See the child shrinking down to a size that fits in your right hand. Take the child in the palm of your hand, and bring that palm up to your heart – where the child will merge into your heart and become a part of you. Slowly, go back to the beginning of the doorway. Observe the doorway and note any changes in objects. As you exit the door, leave it open. Ascend the staircase. Move your center of awareness from heart to pineal. Surround yourself in royal blue at pineal. Put yourself in brown inside out. Take a few deep cleansing breaths, balance your pineal and return to the room and write down what you observed.

What did we just do? We found the child within us that is the basis for our current emotional status. The age of the observed child is the time period when your current emotionality developed. And from that point you have developed your current emotionality. And from that point you have developed your total emotional condition. We took that condition and assimilated it, and brought it to the present as an adult with all
the experiences in between to understand why we are the way we are. Instead of dealing with it like a child’s mind which takes the blame we’ve elevated the awareness to our present mind, changed it, we matured the condition so we can deal with it. If you didn’t feel emotionality, it can come later or in a dream state. For some, the conscious mind blocks out the experience, but because we raised it up to our pineal, we
have downloaded it. If you see a male child, it represents left-brain thinking. What was the age of the child and WHAT WAS GOING ON IN YOUR LIFE AT THAT TIME? If you repeat the exercise, you may not see the child again, if you successfully raised the child to your heart. This lets you know you already started your recovery process. You attract to you the same people who created the mind-patterns of the child. Everyone in your life is playing your mind-pattern. Hopefully, you’ve broken that by now. The name you hear might be representative of the mind-pattern you had then. Who you see is a symbol of yourself, you won’t see anyone else. Doing this exercise over and over and each time the child grows up more and more until one day you do the exercise and you’re facing yourself as you are currently as an adult.

When you see this child at say 4 years of age, it will bring up issues now and memories of that time period. It might come up in dreams, or come as a flash as you are driving your car. It might be something you see in a store that reminds you of that time period. When and if these memories come up, immediately sind them up to Oversoul. Do not hold on to them. Recognize and send them on. If they also involve other people who were participants in a type of trauma, then you need to release them of that which came up in those memories (see the page Cleansing & Protection - release attachments) As a child grows up, images and scenes of that will also filter into your memory, so that not only are you growing up the child within emotionally, but you are reintegrating your life and your memories and your timeline so you are putting everything into perspective. It’s a very healing exercise even though it can be extremely emotional.

Some of the trauma could be programming issues, so you’d have to do deprogramming work to release those. Remember your mind is like a tissue box. You pull something up and something else comes up after that. You have so many layers built up and then programming layers on top of it. You can’t just take a shovel and dig in or you’ll damage something. It’s like an archeological dig, you have to take a little brush and uncover a little bit at a time.

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