Miracle IQube

DKK 44.823,00

Live in a state of dynamic enlightenment and manifest your intentions from clarity & consciousness

The Miracle IQube have 2 triple nested scalar wave vortex tesla-like coils (2 x the Harmony IQube) and opens up a totally new dimension of personal expansion and transformation using Voice Assessment Feedback, Scalarwave Entrainment, Inert Noble Gases, and targeted Golden Six Wave Form Soundtracks.

  • Removes deep fears
  • Awakens the spiritual glands that have been dormant for thousands of years
  • Accelerates your intuition, awakening & transformation
  • Clears environment of discordant energy and EMF’s
  • Creates a dynamic quantum scalar energy field that raises your vibration 24/7
  • Entrains you effortlessly with deep delta, theta, gamma and alpha brain wave states
  • Improves happiness, mood, relationships and quality of life – the Miracle in simpel use
  • Deepens your meditation, sleep and your learning and concentration power
  • Automatically balances and clears your chakras

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Contact Savannah: teachings@omahara.com


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