Infrared lamp

DKK 350,00


Wide spectrum infrared lamp – 6 visible, 6 invisible.
Put it in plain insulated socket with longer cord or in a flexible lamp unit, so you can easily carry it around the body.

10-30 minutes 1-2 x daily is recommended.

Reduces pain / injuries and accelerates healing, improves brain function (by lamp on forehead) and whole energy levels in the body (by lamp on throat/Thymus).

Furthermore, a formidable parasite killer. Remedy for various skin problems.

From a scale of 1-100, our bodies should be 100, but today most organs are under 20, which causes countless disorders.

With just 10 minutes of use of this lamp on the respective body, a sharp increase in energy level and well-being can be seen quickly.

This lamp is highly recommended by professional healer like Owen James, Medical Intuitive

Additional information

Weight 0.777 kg
Dimensions 18 × 13 × 15 cm


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