Living Infinity Portal

Living Infinity Portal - 80x70 - Oil/Acrylic - SOLD

It starts with the Creation AUM in the middle - Tibet inspired - and so the process continued completely spontaneously dot after dot without at any thinking or viewing of picture from a distance. When it was done, I stepped back to really see it and I just barely perceive the tunnel before I am sucked into the picture - a powerful spiritual but also very physical experience, strong enough for me to pull my self back with the power of thought to ground myself, after which the experience reiterated when I looked at it again. It was so powerful that I was wondering whether this was good and healthy - and the answer was soaring through the universes that you are sucked into by looking at the picture - this is a Living Infinity Portal and brings one to a whole new level of consciousness and evolution that is infinite. I do not know if I will ever be able to create just this again in another picture - time must show. However, I was encouraged to create more of these portals so they arrive when timing is correct.