Dandalions (2 pictures) - 60x50 - Acrylic - SOLD

I communicate regularly with the animal and plant kingdom. In this case, the dandelion, which simply refused to be overheard, so first the Creation and dandelion as a fresh start, then fully sprung, then in seeds, after which the seeds spread with the wind and germinate again - and Daisy comes in. "What are you doing here? I asked," and Miss Daisy replied, "I am dandelion's best friend," and I felt how Daisy supports the process of dandelion and vice versa - how everything in nature is connected to keep the balance and love intact.

The dandelions came in 2 editions:
Dandelions in Morning Mist - in the mornings cool and fresh dew ..... and then
Dandelions in Sunset - in the evening's sunset
Same and nevertheless so different, like our own development from morning to evening - we are never the same, but in forever forward and upward development, no matter how it feels, there is only one way - forward and upward, and it is always perfect!