Galactic Patchwork

Galactic Patchwork - 50x40 - Acrylic - dkr. 700

In 2007 I became mortally ill and couldn't do anything than just be. The condition didn't seem to improve fast enough, so I had to do something but what? Creativity is kundalini energy and an important source of vitality, so I found my dead mother's old paintbox, who has been following me for 15 years, found some still functioning paint tubes, an old canvas and some old brushes, and then I went to work. Never really painted a picture before. Since brushes didn't work properly, this picture is painted with cotton swabs, toothpicks, sponges, etc. And it depicts all the galactic energies that I experienced working in my healing and I became more and more healthy in and from the process. Creativity is healing!